Weekly Update Countdown to VBS


On Tuesday, I took a trip to the local government's office to find out vital information as we continue to move forward in purchasing a house in Petőfibánya. I found out from other missionaries who bought homes that we need to obtain a permit allowing us as foreigners to buy a home in Hungary. We heard that the process could take up to three months (which we don't have). The blessing of living in a small town is that people actually know you. The first person I talked to was the mayor's secretary, Zsuzsa. Zsuzsa also has a child in preschool and knows us from daily interactions and children's outreaches that we hold in the village. She was very kind, but didn't have any answers to my questions about the permit. As I was preparing to leave, she stopped me saying, "Maybe, someone in this office (pointing next door) can help." She literally yelled into the open door giving an overview of my questions. I heard a voice say, "Come in." This was the local government's lawyer who just happened to be in, even though she was not planning to be there that day. She told me that she was going to take a final exam today which would give her the title of DR. but because of her anxiety, she opted out. I also know this woman's daughter because she has attended our English program for the past two years. After asking me a few questions, she began making calls, writing down important numbers and clarifying exactly what I need for the process to go quickly and smoothly. This may seem common place in the US, where people go out of their way to help you find the exact answers you are looking for, but in Hungary it is uncommon. It is also uncommon to walk into this type of official office unannounced and be sitting opposite of someone making phone calls, and clarifying information for you. I would even say, it is unheard of. In the end, I walked out with all the information I needed to get the permit process started. I attribute the success in this day to God and His grace! Praise Him.



Above: Happy 4th of July! Sharon and our teammate Brenda were hard at work on the 4th preparing burgers, hot-dogs, deviled eggs and baked beans for our very own, very small, celebration. Benjamin said, "Isn't it strange that no one else in Hungary is celebrating today." Kira enjoyed squashing freshly cut watermelon in her grip. Benjamin and Elianna enjoyed smores that were concocted in the microwave.


Above: Our teammate Brenda was kind enough to take Benjamin and Elianna to a castle in Hollokô on the 4th. God blessed them with beautiful weather and a great time together. Ben got to try on real armor, and could barely lift his chain-male covered arms to rest on the shield for the picture. He would have loved to try on more armor, but it weighed twice as much as he does.



Above: Are those roses Brenda is trimming....oh, no that would be a rusty old sharp fence. We spent today preparing the grounds for VBS which begins Monday! Lots of dangerous things needed to be chopped, trimmed and thrown away.

P1890064.JPG P1890051.JPG

Above L: This park has been abandoned since the government didn't have funds for upkeep. Unfortunately, some of the items we found hidden in bushes and laying in the grass reveal how the park is now used. Above R: Miki's wife Erika joined in on the fun today and helped carry away the mess of chopped branches.


Above: Although our dear brother Gabi moved to the distant town of Sümeg, he will be staying in Petőfibánya for a few weeks with his grandmother. It was a blessing to have his help today.

P1890147.JPG P1890110.JPG

Above R: Miki, Julika and her daughter Mani (in background). Julika is a vital part of our team as she writes much of the material and designs many of the crafts and games that reinforce the teaching each day. She also has a great sense of humor, which one must have spending all day with us.


Above: Maybe I shouldn't have given that axe to Zoli? Zoli was kind enough to come out and help after he got off of work. I often call him 'Tank', because of his strength and steadiness.


Above: Imre was one of a few people who strolled in to see what we were doing. He told me how beautiful this area once was. He said he could have never imagined that it would become so run down over the years. He praised us for cleaning up the area and looks forward to hearing the collective sound of 90 kids next week. God opened up an opportunity for me to talk to Imre about a personal relationship with God after I invited him to our church. Imre clearly had a knowledge that God existed, but was fatalistic in his approach to God. He said God was and will always be, but He has forgotten about what is happening here. I did more listening than talking, and at times sought to direct Imre to consider the value of knowing God personally. I hope to see Imre again in church, or in our camp next week since he lives a block away. Please pray for him.

Another man that Miki talked to said that he attended our Jesus Film Outreach that we held four years ago. This man remembered having an extended conversation with György Kovács who has since gone to be with the Lord. Miki explained what happend to György and also invited him to church. We also ran into Hugi and Gábor who have stopped attending church for some time. They were excited to see us, and said they would come this Sunday. Please pray for them as well.

Tomorrow, we will continue preparing the grounds for VBS. Please pray for the same type of weather we had today (it was perfect). Please also pray for strength, wisdom and success in completing this preparation.
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