New Gospel Movements!

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Above: Pictures from last years Christmas drama outreach. 'The Chair' Drama presents a persons attraction to sin, and the resulting bondage and hopeless

Today, our team from PetÅ‘fibánya was able to participate in a special puppet conference in Budapest. The attendees were puppet teams from over 20 different areas in Hungary and various hungarian church denominations. We were able to share how God moved us into adding drama ministry to our 'ministry toolset' and how this enabled us to extend our reach beyond children to teenagers in public schools. We demonstrated the different stages of our drama outreach, giving examples of ice-breakers, and an evangelistic drama hoping that other existing puppet teams would also catch the vision. After our presentation, the Hungarian pastor who is responsible for initiating the evangelistic puppet movement asked the attendees, "Who here is ready to begin preparing to use drama in their future outreaches in the public schools." I saw more than 5 people raise their hands, which represents the potential of thousands of teenagers in public schools in the near future hearing the gospel! We praise God that he has raised up these teams and that he has opened the door to the public schools.

I was also glad that Gabi S. came with us to the conference and gained a better understanding of future opportunities in evangelism.

Below: A very cultural 'szalona sütés' (Pig roast-but without the pig) with the teenagers on Friday. We were thankful that God prepared a beautiful day for this Hungarian style barbecue.

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So what's on the spits? That would be 100% lard that is first heated until dripping status, then quickly hovered above a piece of white bread ready to absorb all that heart clogging goodness. Afterwards, just add some tomatoes, onions, paprika and salami-and enjoy! If you're really adventurous, check out this short film that I prepared of the szalona sütés (you can just smell the lard mmmmm).

Below L: Zoli and Gabi S. (both will be attending ESL camp this summer with us). Below R: Some fun in Miki's house after the smokey szalona sütés.

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