Family Time

After the intense time of serving in this years English camp, we were able to spend some family time together at Vidám Park (Happy Park). We promised Ben that we would take him there to celebrate his birthday (which was July 1st). The weather was perfect, and the kids had a great time.

P1390571.JPG P1390528.JPG

Above L: Sharon and Elianna riding a beautifully restored carousel (built in 1906). Above R: Ben in a very european bus.


Above: Look closely and you'll see Sharon and Elianna braving a wooden roller coaster that uses no restraints! Jenna, who also served in the English camp is seated directly behind them. Jenna is seeking to serve full time in Hungary, and we had an enjoyable time with her over the past few days as she visited Petôfibánya.

P1390413.JPG P1390423.JPG

We thank God for the family time and for the perfect weather to enjoy the day. I am also thankful that God has protected us from sickness (especially me) as I was physically drained at the end of camp.

Below from L to R: Dávid, Allen, Erik and Csaba. As most of you read in our previous post, Erik was invited to church by Dávid last Sunday. After hearing the gospel, Erik decided to put his faith in Jesus. Please pray for Erik, that God would bless him with wisdom, a strong faith and an understanding of God's amazing love and grace.


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