This Week in Review

Above: Our Flags were raised as the President of the United Stated visited Hungary on Wednesday.

Above: Earlier in the week: Making our way up the mountain to pray (Miki adding a little difficulty to Zoli's momentum). If you look directly above Miki's head you can see our 'monopoly' shaped apartment building.
Below L: Who knew that I wasn't supposed to wear yellow? While praying, I was smothered with bugs that were attracted to the bright color (Zoli and Gabi got a kick out of that). Below R: Gabi and Miki making their way back down the mountain.

P1320479.JPG P1320480.JPG

As I said in an earlier post, we have begun walking/running together with the teens in order to help Gabi with his unusually high blood pressure. On thursday night, Gabi informed me that his blood pressure dropped into normal range after being examined by the doctor that day! Praise God!
• Kira (enjoying a bath below) was given a good report by the children's cardiologist on a follow up appointment on wednesday. We praise God for continuing to heal her heart! Kira still has a small hole (very common) in her heart which the doctor expects will close up eventually. The doctor added that the hole was in such a place where it didn't cause much of a danger.
• We were able to get Kira's passport this past week, which enables us to take the next steps of getting a residency permit for her.
• Zoli's entire family came to church (see below) tonight. Zoli's mother Ildiko continues to go to thursday night Bible study at Miki's house and is taking steps of faith toward Jesus. Zoli's grandmother spent significant time with Miki tonight seeking to know more about what it means to be saved and what needs to be done. Praise God for working in Zoli's family and in Zoli. Please continue to pray for them.
• One of our partners in ministry, György Kovács, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer received good news from his doctor this past week. The doctors were amazed at how well György is doing and that the cancer that was once indicated as spreading to his liver, now turns out to be a cyst. Also the cancer in his pancreas has subsided due to treatments (and prayer of course). Praise God for this good news of God's healing and sustaining hand.


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Above: Tonight we were thankful to have a team of 14 short-term missionaries from AWE STAR perform an evangelistic drama in our church service. I was also thankful for Kata, who is helping the team as a translator (and translated for me tonight).

The drama was powerful, and God created an atmosphere free of distraction for all to take in the powerful message of the death and resurrection of Jesus. We praise God for providing a larger room for the night for the drama, and for many first-time visitors who were able to hear the gospel.

P1320673.JPG P1320710.JPG

Above: Dedicating Kira and Eszter's baby Alina to the Lord.

Prayer request: Please pray for us as we travel tomorrow, to continue the process of completing the necessary paperwork to get Kira's residency permit. We would like to complete the process as soon as possible.
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