Thursday-Puppet/Drama Day 4

Today, we stayed close to home performing in Ben's pre-school in Petôfibánya and in the neighboring town of Selyp. There are two pre-schools in Petôfibánya, and we were glad to have both of these schools attend. Many of the children from these pre-schools know our teammate Janka from Bible classes that she holds weekly in town. We are thankful that we can continue to have an impact in these children's lives even after these outreach events through Bible classes.

Below: Miki talking with Marika and Anita who are teachers in the pre-school who have attended our thursday night small group on occasion. They shared with us after the show how much they enjoyed the new songs for this year's performance. Please pray for them to come to know the Savior!

Below: The town of Selyp (just a few minute drive from Petôfibánya). Once again, we are thankful for how the children payed close attention throughout the show. I believe this is response to God answering prayer. Please continue to pray for us as we have a tough schedule tomorrow. Praise God with us for victory today presenting the gospel in Selyp and Petôfibánya. Praise Him!

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