Sunday Worship

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Above: Baby Kira getting cuter by the minute. Kira is healthy and enjoying learning how to swat and grab Sharon's hair.

This morning, Miki, Erika, Dezsô, Márcsi and I spent some time in prayer together before driving to a neighboring village to visit a Baptist church. Miki was able to serve by leading a time of musical worship, and we were thankful for seeing the members love for Christ and hearing their hearts as they prayed. At the same time, we saw the need for a broader spectrum of people reached with the Gospel, as the members of this church were all elderly. This church has asked us for help in evangelism and we are praying and seeking God's will in knowing the extent of our working together.

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Above: The Baptist church in Selyp (a five minute drive from Petôfibánya).

In the evening, we held our worship service in our local community center. We were thankful to see a few new faces! Erik (pictured below center with orange t-shirt), who was saved last week, brought another friend.



Above: Why are you lighting an Advent Wreath? Because we will be celebrating Christmas next VBS that is. The theme of our VBS is based on holidays and their meaning. We will be celebrating many of the major holidays and explain the true reason to celebrate them.

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Above: Emily (on a short term missions team) did an excellent job helping out on keyboard and our teammate Brenda led vocals on Sunday.

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Above: Celebrating two birthdays-Gabi S. and Erika (Miki's wife).

Dezsô (pictured below center) is going through a transformation time in his heart gaining a great burden for the lost and for his role in the church. Last night, he said, "Do you remember when I said I didn't need to go to church...when I said what use is the church?" He said this with amazement as he now understands the necessity and blessing of the local church. He also said, "If you would have told me 7 years ago that there would be a church in Petôfibánya and I would be serving in it, I would have laughed and continued drinking my hard liquor." We clearly saw that what has happened in Dezsô's life and in the life of a new church plant in Petôfibánya was miraculous. Dezsô said, "It could only be the work of God." As we discussed these things and gave glory to God, it gave us a greater hope for the future and the wondrous things that will happen because of God's grace and love being poured out in Hungary.


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