News from Petôfibánya

We are thankful to hear encouraging reports from our teammates and look forward to being with them again in January.


Dezsô's wife Marcsi (pictured above) had been in the hospital last week for surgery to remove a cancerous growth. Marcsi is very shy and wholeheartedly serves in the background. She rarely speaks up in small group or gives testimony in church. This past Sunday was different. Marcsi said that she felt like God was pushing her forward to share how He encouraged her through her time in the hospital. With Bible in hand, she flipped to verses that God had given to her in this time of testing. She gave thanks to God for the prayers of the saints and for God's gracious answer. It turns out that the surgery was successful and they believe all the cancer was removed. Please pray for Marcsi (March-ee) that her precautionary visit three weeks from now would reveal that there are no further signs of cancer in her body.

On Monday nights, our teammates, Brenda, Val, Roger, Heidi and Rachelle are continuing our English community classes in Petôfibánya. They had 6 people stay afterwards last week for the optional Bible study. Csilla, a mother of one of our previous students from English camp brought her son and a visitor from Canada. Please pray for Csilla as she has consistently come and is open to hearing more.

Teenager Gabi K, who was baptized last week (see previous blog entry) attended an English Camp Reunion party. At one point in the night, each camper was asked to share a bit about some things that have been going on in their life since camp. In front of everyone, Gabi said, "I was baptized." This was a bold move on his part and we are encouraged about his openness and willingness to share about these changes in his life.



Above: Our wacky kids at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church's harvest night for kids.


Above: A visit from Sam, Tania and their son Matthew. We spent some quality time with Allen's older brother Sam and his family who live in DC.




Above: Spending some free time at the Iron Hill Museum. Benjamin and Elianna got to try their hand in archery, paint a few pumpkins and gobble down cotton candy.

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