Happy Birthday!


Our youngest, Kira Grace turned one today and she celebrated by stuffing her face with mommies freshly baked cake. Kira is a joy to watch as her personality continues to blossom each day. She is very proficient at giving kisses to us. She also blatantly bursts out wild monkey screams to make the entire family laugh at the dinner table. Kira can now stand on her own, and can take a few steps tumbling toward our arms. She'll be walking in no time! Yikes. We praise God for these special children, and that by grace we have been entrusted to be their mother and father.

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Above: Getting kids up to speed with technology. I found it comical that this toy cell phone (Kira's birthday gift) included a button for a pretend camera phone with the good ol' shutter sound effect included. You may notice a car icon as well which triggers the sound of a car's horn. Maybe this company has some inside information on upcoming cell phones trends? (You know you couldn't resist using a car horn button on your phone...or could you?)

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Above: On Thursday, teenager Zoli and I eased up the steep part of a mountain by car (black dot above left), and walked the rest of the way close to the peak. On the way up the mountain, (after rubbernecking at the goats) we stopped to talk to one of my former English students (Hajni) who was teaching a young girl horseback riding. For two weeks now, I have been feeling terribly weak from a viral or bacterial sickness, so Zoli had to bear with my slowww pace. God used Zoli to truly encourage me as we spent time in God's word and prayed for one another. We have already begun praying for this year's English camp and the returning students that we met last year.


Above: The view from the top of the mountain...or hill.

At around the same time, at the base of the mountain, Miki and Erika were holding their evangelistic Bible study. This study is edifying for members of our church and is a bridge for others who are not yet ready to step foot into church. One first time visitor to Miki's study was Edit, who is a mother of one of Benjamin's classmates in preschool. Edit may be the first parent that is taking steps to seek God through her son's interest. Four years ago, it was our hope that many parents would come because of their children's interest...but that was not the case. As we have established ourselves in the community with Janka teaching Bible classes in pre-school, our church holding family day events monthly, our puppet ministry, and our VBS, parents may begin responding to our invitations. Edit is the first! Please pray for many more parents of preschoolers (and preschool teachers) to be stirred to seek God and to find Him through Jesus Christ.


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Above: For those of you prayed for teenager Gabi S., thank you! He said he was relaxed when he took his finals and thinks he did well on each test (except for math). He sends his thanks as well. Today, Gabi and I decided to take a road trip and check out the site for this year's English camp in July. So, once again, it was mountain climbing (by car again), and exploring the Matra mountains (which is a relative term...Americans might call them 'hills' on the tall side of height).

Please pray for our family's health. Sharon ran out of steam yesterday at 8:00 pm (which is early for her) and could do nothing but 'collapse' into bed. She may be battling the same thing I have. Kira seems to be getting better, but is still abnormally irritable and drippy nosed (nice description). Allen feels physically week which is definitely not normal and is on a prescribed dose of antibiotics. Ben and Kira are now healthy and enjoying life, but missing being tossed into the air by the recently weakened daddy.

Please also pray for our Sunday service where we will have a special presentation for children who helped in producing a children's worship song DVD. Many kids from PetÅ‘fibánya participated and we hope that their parents will respond to the invite to church.

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Above: Ben's love for his sister. Happy birthday Kira!
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