Hello From Camp!

Today, the 35 team members converged in Budapest to take the 3.5 hour drive out to the campgrounds. We are thankful that even in this blazing hot weather, all 8 cars (of various ages or shall we say maturity) survived the trip. Unfortunately, Val and Brenda have to travel back tonight because of a forgotten piece of luggage.

Please pray for Val and Brenda for the long drive back to camp.

The first few days are pivotal as far as setting the stage of the entire 10 days of camp. Often the first few days can feel chaotic and because of fatigue, there is an open door for the enemy to cause frustration and division within the team. Therefore...

Please pray that each of us would walk according to the mind of Jesus.

Pray that we would be given wisdom and strength to carry out our different roles with love and unity in Him.

We are nearing the end of the night here. Todd led us in a time of praise to God, and encouraged us to look forward to the plans God has for the campers AND the plans He has for us. Praise God for an encouraging time of worship and prayer that have built up a proper expectation of God using this camp for His glory!

If you would like to know more ways you can pray, please visit: http://englishcamp2006.blogspot.com/

P1340165.JPG P1340139.JPG

Above L: Some of the 'brains' behind the camp. Todd and Andris Above R: Vera with her son Ilés will be helping by translating this year. Vera is one of my main translators for sermons in Petôfibánya.

P1340103.JPG P1340179.JPG

Above L: The kids did a great job bearing the long car ride today. Above R: Lots and lots of heavy luggage-yikes.

P1340166.JPG P1340207.JPG

Above L: Erika helping carry in all the equipment we will use for teaching. Above R: Where we will be staying this year for camp.


Above: A very satisfying dinner after a long day of travel, and unpacking.
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