Day 6


Above: Allen and Gabi (from Petôfibánya). Gabi shared some struggles he is having in camp standing firm in the faith. We were able to talk open and honestly and pray together. Later in the day, we both saw answers to our prayers!

P1360625.JPG P1360792.JPG


Above: In bible reading time, we saw the life of Jairus in begging Jesus to heal his dying daughter.


P1370091.JPG P1370023.JPG

Above: Today's activity was number war. Two teams, numbers strapped their forehead and lots of trees provide for a fun time!



Above: Kids beginning to connect with each other. We are thankful that most campers are finding others to make friends with!

P1370257.JPG P1370285.JPG

I was thankful that I was able to pray with Zoli in the morning for campers and for workers. I was thankful for a divine appointment with a group of teens that I have not been able to really connect with. I had a conversation with them that went all the way to my testimony and a clear presentation of the gospel. I could see that as the 7 teenagers at the picnic table asked and listened, the Spirit was moving in their hearts bringing conviction. They are definitely thinking more about what it means to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Please pray specifically for those were involved in this conversation: Fanni, Timi, Ákos, Wilmos, Zoli, Bence, Gergely! (You can click on any of their names to see their picture)

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