Above: Cute candid shots of our children Kira, Elianna and Benjamin.


Above: Today, Ben had a soccer tournament in the town of Hatvan which is about a 20 minute drive away. Schools from Hatvan and small towns in our area participate in the tournament. Ben’s team is always at a tremendous disadvantage as the gym they practice in is about 1/8 the size of the gym these kids in Hatvan practice in. Even though they came in last place, their team always has fun playing together. Norbi who is a frequent visitor to our ministries and church came with me to the tournament which gave us a chance to catch up after my surgery. I challenged him again about considering seriously a decision to put his trust in Jesus. Beyond the necessity of salvation from judgment for sin, It is only in Christ that he will find wise trustworthy leadership in his life. It is only in Jesus that he will find faithfulness and love that endures. Please pray for this young man to truly encounter the living Christ, to understand the Gospel and to make wise decisions.

This past Saturday, Klári who attends our English Bible study visited us with her friend Ildikó. I helped them set up a webpage for their basket weaving business and gave them some training on how to update the blog online. Both Klári and Ildikó brought their kids and it was great to see the children having a good time together. We are thankful for our continued friendship with Klári and a new developing friendship with Ildikó.



Above: Dezső continues to preach 2-3 times a month. I told him this past Sunday that his messages are always good, and his communication and presentation skills are dramatically improving. Dezső, now having over a year’s experience preaching and gaining more insight from currently attending Bible school is a real blessing for our church. I praise God for how He continues to mature Dezső in his faith and reveal to him how to build the church up.


Above: Hugi wishing Niki and Betti (Dezső’s daughter) a happy birthday after worship service.



Above: One of the first people to be saved when Miki moved to Petőfibánya over four years ago was a woman named Ica. After a year of attending our fellowship meetings (in homes at that time), Ica and her family for various circumstances no longer attended. Just recently, her husband Miki (above center) ran into medical problems and they called upon our church for prayer. Soon after, they attended our church for the first time and wrote an email telling us how grateful they were to return and how they felt God’s grace and love in our midst. Praise God for His work in their lives! Please pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to draw this family to Jesus and that they would be strengthened in their faith as they attend our church.
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