Tuesday Update


Above: Getting used to America. This waiting room space is something we are not used to in Hungary. Most waiting room spaces we encounter have you no more than an arms distance away from furniture or another waiting person.


Above: Elianna getting her FIRST haircut. That's right. After four years of growth, there was finally enough to trim. I sat next to a lady with a 2 year old that already had four haircuts. Hair grows slowly in our family. At least we save on hair cutting costs.


Above: The joy of a 24 oz parmesan cheese dispenser. In Hungary, parmesan comes in small paper packets or salt saker size containers. For now, Ben can load up his pasta without fear of leaving his family empty handed.





Above: We are thankful to God for this special time in the US with family. When in Hungary, people often ask us, "Do you miss the US?" I always respond the same way. I don't really miss the US, but I do miss my family. We are cherishing this brief season in our lives where our children can walk, run and play with their grandparents.


Above: Ben's journal entry for school. Ben is continuing to improve in reading and writing. Since he knows Hungarian and can now understand when we spell out words, we can no longer keep secrets from him. "Let's go out for i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m."


Above: Last week, we got to visit Dianna at our home church. Ben and Elianna were thrilled to point out different people from Petôfibánya in a photo book about our ministry.

NEWS FROM PETOFIBÁNYA (Pet-to-fee-bah-nya)

vbs reunion


Above: VBS reunion. As many of the kids who attend our VBS do not attend church, the team decided to put together a VBS reunion on Saturday. Praise God that over 15 kids showed up! The children sang camp songs and recalled what we learned in VBS earlier this year. This is a great way to maintain important relationships with the kids and build their understanding of the gospel.



Above: Peti (pet-ee) preaching every other week in our church. I am thankful to see the congregation increasing in number in our absence. Teenager Gabi (gah-bee), seated next to Zoli (blue shirt) will be baptized this Sunday along with Mária (pink shirt). Hugi (who-gee) and Gábor (Gah-bor) who were initially drawn into our fellowship through the English program will also be baptized this Sunday. Please pray as Miki prepares this special baptismal service. Pray for those being baptized to be blessed and that more would come to know the gospel through their testimony. Most of them are the first in their family to become Christians.


Above: Faithful teammate Janka, hard at work downstairs with the kids.


Above: Dezsô's wife Marcsi (March-ee) has just gone through surgery today related to cancer. Please pray for her that the surgery will have successfully removed all dangerous cancerous cells and that her body would be strengthened and healed. Marcsi will be in the hospital for a few days following her surgery.

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