Puppets Tuesday


Above: After puppets yesterday, we went back to work preparing for our drama presentation for the teens. Miki did the tough part of skillfully grinding and cutting red plexiglass for some of the background images in our shadow show.

P1420147.JPG P1420148.JPG


The majority of our set pieces are cut from thick cardboard and reinforced with whatever I could find in the garage. A lot of the cutting was tedious, but the majority is now done.



Above: The final effect is quite interesting and should hold the teens attention as we tell the story of the Gospel. These shots were taken last night as we began to put into action what we had envisioned over the past few weeks.

Today we have off and we will leave tomorrow morning for a new day of puppet ministry.

Prayer requests (not on the list we sent out to our daily prayer supporters):

• The temperatures have significantly dropped today and there is always the threat of snow this week. Please pray that the weather conditions would not prohibit our traveling plans.
• Miki and Roger are still recovering from head colds. Please pray for complete healing.
• We will be holding our final practice for our shadow show for the teens Wednesday afternoon. Please pray for wisdom and success in putting it together.
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