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Above: Video clips from Saturday's Underground Christmas Musical in Petőfibánya's neighboring town of Selyp. We praise God that the set up, practice and production went without problems! I was thankful to be able to see the show firsthand, as I was in the US on furlough when it was presented in December. The story is about a Jewish family in hiding in a basement and their run in with a wounded Christian soldier who becomes a redemptive figure. Although you won't be able to understand the words in the video above, you can definitely sense the emotion and power of the musical from the short clips.


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Above: Teenagers Gabi K., and Zoli joined Miki, Dezsô and myself to set up the lighting, sound and stage props. It is great to see these young men getting more involved in various ministries of our church. They have been faithful with a little and we are inviting them to become more involved in a Friday night teen outreach ministry. Please pray for Gabi K. and Zoli as they grow in their faith.


Above: Over 40 people attended the Musical (I didn't really have a chance to get an accurate count). Each of them received a program which clearly outlined the Gospel. Please pray that God would continue to draw these men and women to Himself. We have been taking steps over the past 2 years reaching out to this town. It seems as if Selyp (Shape) will be our next target area for a church plant.


Above: We thanked the woman responsible for allowing us to use the Community Center in Selyp and offered her a small gift of appreciation. She said that even though she saw the show on DVD, she was in tears throughout the live presentation. Today as Miki and I packed up the stage in storage, she added that everyone was thankful for the show and that she would love to have us return again. These type of relationships that God is creating give us greater opportunity for outreach as we do more evangelism in Selyp.

Before the Musical on Saturday, multiple Pioneers teams converged in Petőfibánya to pass out hundreds of brochures for this years English Camp and English program in Petőfibánya. As Pioneers fine tunes the English Camp, we are focusing on specific areas where there are current church planting works happening. This gives us greater opportunity for follow up and sustained growth of those who are saved at camp. Please pray for many new students from our area to attend camp and that God would reveal His Son to them there.



Above: Dezső preached from the first chapter of Romans on Sunday. He spoke about Paul's example of not being ashamed of the Gospel, being convinced of the truth of the Gospel and Paul's passion to preach the message to all. It is encouraging to see his growth and how God continues to develop his spiritual gifts for the building up of the body.



Above: We celebrated Zoli's 19th birthday after church service. His mother and grandmother were kind enough to bring the traditional birthday cake with a flaming sparking candle.


We were thankful for a response from the many handouts advertising our English classes in Selyp. God answered our prayers! We gained three new students and have filled up our beginner and intermediate classes.


Above: Anett on the far left and Rihárd to her right are two new students to Heidi's beginner class. Sanyi (Shawn-yee) (not pictured) is also new to our English program. Sanyi, who lives in Petőfibánya was just at my house last week installing pipes in our kitchen. He has a son in the same preschool as Ben and Ellie and a daughter who has attended our VBS in the past. Unfortunately, none of these three new students attended the optional Bible study afterwards. Please pray that God would do a miraculous work in their hearts and draw them to Himself.



Above: Brenda's intermediate class grew from one student last week, to a total of four students. Bondi who attended last semester is now bringing his fourteen year old son. Both of them stayed for the Bible study.


Above: Dezső in Roger's advanced class going over the optional Bible study material to be translated later in the evening. Dezső continues to improve in his comprehension and ability to translate (even when I speak fast.)

Out of the seven students that stayed after for Bible study, four are saved and members of our church. The remaining three are in different stages of seeking. Tonight we started with the question: Does God exist? We explored the viewpoints of the atheist, the agnostic and the believer. Please pray that even more students would stay after as we begin to study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Answers to prayer:

- Our first Puppet practice went well. This year's Easter team will be Janka, Miki, Hugi and Allen.

- The Christmas Musical drew many from the town of Selyp to hear a message on reconciliation and redemption. They all received a printed explanation of the gospel.

- People responded to the posters and invitations passed out for English classes and some stayed after for the optional Bible study.

- Financial Needs. Various supporters have responded in generous ways. We are once again overwhelmed with your kindness.

- Residency Permit progress. We are close to having most of our paper work together to turn in this week.

Prayer requests:

Residency Permits: Please continue to pray for us as we turn in our papers this week. Please pray for success in getting five year permits.
Puppet practice: Please continue to pray for us as we fine tune our parts in the show. Please also pray for God to help us with learning the drama for this years outreach.
VBS planning: We hope to meet with various team members this week to begin planning of our Vacation Bible School. We are in need of God's wisdom and provision to have a VBS this year.
Sickos: Whatever sickness we have is still lingering and causing discomfort at night, which disrupts our sleep. Please pray that our family would be healed completely and that we would be able to sleep through the night.

Below: I'll leave you with some pictures of Elianna's Farsang celebration that she had in preschool this week. She was beautiful (o.k., so I'm a little biased)

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