Sunday Worship


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Above: Miki and Peti. Peti (who preaches in our church every other week) challenged us to consider how valuable it is to invest in God's kingdom with all that we are. He did an excellent job in helping us to see that any calling that God gives us in the church begins as a small seed, but has God given potential to grow into an unmovable, healthy and fruitful tree as we faithfully plant and water. This was a timely sermon for the church as more people are growing in their faith and there are more opportunities for serving in the Body.


Above: We praise God for the group of teens that He brought tonight. Initially, three of them stood at the door and just watched, refusing to come all the way in to sit down. When Peti began to preach, they entered and took back row seats. This is a tough group of kids, and for some of them, this was their first time in our church!

Unfortunately, after the church service, I had to excuse the majority of them as they began disrupting a special goodbye party for Heidi. I am thankful that they received my discipline with respect as they all shook hands with me as they left. This is not the first time I have had to be tough on them, for the sake protecting the rights of others. It seems as if they recognize that I truly care about them.

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Above: Andi saying her goodbyes to Heidi who will be going back to the US for furlough. Andi shared with the church tonight about her tough week. As things seemed to be piling up that went wrong, she began to question why God was allowing these things to happen. Just as she began to think these things, she ran into Heidi who was able to help her get to a neighboring town for what she needed. Later in the week, Andi was having trouble sleeping. When she awoke, she was comforted by a worship song that we often sing in church. She said two of the verses kept going through her head. "Your precious blood poured out for me high above on the cross, I humbly bow down at your feet in view of your grace, my heart full of praise, I give my life to You." These words brought her joy and comfort and reminded her of God's love for her and His presence in her life.


Above: Break out the Kleenex. Regina, Dezs┼Ĺ's oldest daughter saying goodbye to Heidi. Regi, in tears, shared how much Heidi has been a friend and a help to her in leading her in a closer relationship to God. Timi, one of Heidi's neighbors (blue shirt bottom left of picture), also came to say goodbye. She played a song that spoke about the value of friendship. Heidi has had a great impact in the short time that she served among us, and we will miss her.


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