He is Risen!

Above: After some chocolate chip pancakes whipped up by mom, it was time to read the final chapters of the Easter story with the kids. We then prayed together giving thanks to God for Jesus. Elianna said in prayer, "Thank you God for my friend Jesus who raised from the dead. Amen" Afterwards, the kids searched for hidden plastic eggs in which were different symbols which reminded us about different aspects of Jesus death and resurrection.

Below: Tonight we were able to perform two dramas in a special Easter worship service. In the shot below, I (in black) am separated by my sin from God. We praise God that Hajnalka and Andi (ESL students) came to tonight's service. Hajnalka said she was encouraging her son Laci (22) to come to service tonight. She said he made it all the way to the door, but didn't have the nerve to go in. Let's pray that God gives him courage to actually step in next time. Laci came to our sports outreach last week and may continue to come.

After the service, I had a chance to talk with Andi. She said she saw the reality that we presented in the dramas. She saw how people are in bondage to sin and that only God can free us from this bondage. After my evangelistic message, I invited people to put their faith in Jesus. Andi said that she prayed for her husband at that moment–that he would become a Christian. Praise God that Andi sees her own need and her husbands need for the Risen Lord! Please pray for her husbands salvation.

Above: Dávid, who was saved last year in our English camp having fun with Elianna.
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