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Above: Miki continuing to lead this small group composed of church members who are young in their faith. Church member Eszti shared how the worship music we sing in church comes into her mind from morning until night throughout the week. Another member added that when she has trouble sleeping, she begins recalling worship songs which lead her to praise and peace. It is encouraging to hear that these worship songs aren't limited to ministering to members on Sunday, but turn their attention to the person and works of Jesus throughout the week.



Above: Elianna having some fun before English Club starts.


Above: Erika, Edina, Tünde and Klári talking to Brenda about Christmas traditions.


Above L to R: Klári and Tünde are two students that responded to an invite to our special church service this week which included a time for making Advent wreaths together. We are thankful that God moved them to take this first step into a place of worship. Please pray for Klári and Tünde to find the peace that Jesus offers to anyone who would call on Him as the Lord of salvation.



Above: Eszti and Kitti have been continually coming to our English Club and Teen outreach. We first met them through our VBS and we are thankful to have continued time to build relationships with them in venues where we are able to share the Gospel.


Above: Each week there seems to be a few more new guys that attend as this outreach becomes known through word of mouth. This night offers them an alternative of going to the local bars or opportunities for mischief on the streets.


Above: Dezső playing table football with Dávid. We have had this fuseball table for a few years, and it has been ready for retirement for months now. Fortunately, a Hungarian church member heard about the need and offered the full amount to replace it. God was gracious to lead us to find a used (more like an ‘open box’) fuseball table this week for an unbelievable price. It retails for over $650, but we were able to buy it ‘open boxed’ for $285. This has been a great tool to draw the youth off the streets into a safe environment.

As our custom, after some hearty game time we take a break and gather the teens in a circle. Church members have been coming in and sharing their personal testimony to these kids over the past few weeks. This week Dezső told his story of how God redeemed him from a destroyed life of a broken family and alcoholism to a new life of peace and purpose with God through Jesus Christ. I found out tonight (Sunday) that church member Eszti’s husband Peti, who comes to our teen outreach was thinking on the things Dezső spoke even after returning home. Along with Eszti, we have been constantly praying for Peti to come to know Jesus. He shared with Eszti how amazing the story was and the life that Dezső once lived compared to his life now. It is our hope that conviction will come upon all those who attend this outreach as they see where a life of sin leads and where the life of faith in Jesus Christ leads. Please lift up Peti in prayer. Pray also for his wife Eszti to continue to give testimony through her life (1Peter 3:1-2).


Our marriage class is not very large as some have ceased from coming. For those that continue to attend, I am encouraged that God is changing their thinking and their goals in marriage to reflect His will. In Saturday’s class we talked about the danger of anger and bitterness forming deep roots in our hearts. We also considered the magnitude of God’s forgiveness for us and His command that we forgive in accordance to what we have received.



Above: Everyone rejoiced to see Julika who had struggled with an aggressive form of cancer last year back with us today for worship service. Hugi (next to Julika) was in tears as she gave thanks to God in the middle of a musical worship set for God’s provision of healing in Julika’s life. Before Julika shared about the symbolism in the Advent wreath, she first said, “Last year I didn’t know whether I would be here again serving with you...being here among you has strengthened and encouraged me...I am glad to be back.”


Above: As mentioned above, Klári (pictured above) and Tünde responded to an invitation to tonight’s service. This was their first experience in our church and I was thankful that they were able to hear Dezső’s message as he continues to preach through the book of Romans. Dezső spoke about how suffering is used in the Christian’s life to increase hope and expectation of the coming provision of God. After Dezső’s sermon, Julika shared about the four candles of the wreath symbolizing the prophets (who spoke about the expected Messiah), Mary and Joseph (Christ would be born to them), the shepherds (who were shown the glory of the Lord and told of Jesus’ birth), and the wise men (who saw His star and came to worship Him).



Above: Béla showing off his wreath.

Please pray for our team this week as we are already preparing for our Christmas puppet outreach to 18 public schools in our area. We would ask you to pray for unity, protection from the enemy (sickness/injury), financial provision, success in practices and overall strength in a busy schedule.
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