Puppet and Drama Ministry Day 7


Above: We definitely felt the drop in temperature as the forecast called for snow today. Thankfully, God held the snow back which gave us clear roads to our four destinations for today.



Above: Our first destination was the town of Hered. The children and teachers in this school have always been far more well behaved and attentive than other schools in the area. It was neat to see some of the kids that we have visited twice a year growing up.



Above: Towards the end of the show, the headmaster told some of the kids that she was sad how they behaved in comparison to the show at Christmas. She went on to say to the disruptive row, "Janka has something beautiful to share, something wonderful about Easter and you should pay attention to her."


Above: Setting up in our second stop, the town of Nagykökényes.





Above: The kids in Nagykökényes were very excited to receive the gifts of a CD and Christian children's magazine that we distribute after each show.




Above: We were able to perform our dramas in our third destination of Héhalom.


P1200260.JPG P1200278.JPG

Above: Our final destination for today, Zagyvaszantó, which is just minutes up the road from PetÅ‘fibánya. God continues to empower Janka to clearly illustrate the amazing truth that Jesus Christ died in our place on the cross to pay for our sins.


Thank all of you who have been praying for us. God has kept us unified and maintains a joyful spirit on our team. There have been limited technical problems and both the puppet and drama show have been used to clearly communicate different aspects of the Gospel in public schools to over a thousand children. Please continue to pray for our last two days of this ministry.
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