Sunday Children's Day and Worship Service

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Above: Early in the afternoon, our team traveled to the village of Palotás to present our Easter puppet show in their Children's Day celebration. The weather was beautiful. We encountered a unique problem keeping our stage from being blown away by the strong steady breeze outside. Thankfully with some reinforcements and objects used as weights, the stage was secured.



Above: A shadow puppet of Peter discovering the tomb empty and finding strips of linen cloth. Later, Jesus appears to Mary as she declares, "He is Risen!"



Above: After the puppet show, Janka was able to explain the gospel and helped the kids gain an understanding of John 3:16.



Above: At the close of our presentation, we distributed Christian family magazines to the children and also evangelistic materials to parents and teens.

We thank God for a successful show in the town of Palotás, and we hope to be able to return to their schools in December with our puppet ministry.



Above: Elianna sporting her stylish pink plastic shades to church.


Above: Miki taught about practical ways in which we serve. He followed the life of Jesus for examples and encouraged the church to take steps in enriching their prayer life and interaction with God in His word. He said that all true service is the natural outpouring of spending time with God. Without this intimate relationship with the Father, we are disconnected from the source of 'living' works.




Above: Brenda and Sharon talking with Vera after service. Vera and her husband Tamás brought their house group from Budapest to visit tonight. As they see their group mature and grow in number, they are now considering ways of progressing into a church plant.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Hungary and we will be having dinner with church member Andi and her family at Miki's house. Please pray that God would have mercy on Andi's husband and cause him to be convicted of his sin that he would find salvation in Jesus Christ. Please pray for an open door to explain the gospel to him tonight.
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