Puppets Wednesday



Above: We awoke to a mild misty winter day and after prayer (and coffee) we made our way to Erdőtarcsa (air - doo - tar - cha). We were greeted by the Mayor who opened the gate for the vehicles to pull in and unpack.


Above: Taking the kids on an imaginary sled ride (or our morning aerobics).


Above: We have visited Erdőtarcsa every year since we began this puppet ministry. We were even able to come out to do one day ministry events for follow up a few years ago. Because of our current responsibilities and limited time, we have not been able to return other than our puppet shows. It is our desire to reach out to more villages like this that are open to the gospel by inviting them to our VBS or expanding our VBS into other areas in the future. For now, seeds are being planted in these kid’s hearts and at least they are hearing the gospel twice a year in these programs.




Above: Throughout the puppet show, Pani (above) is reading through various parts of the Christmas story from the Bible which a close friend gives to her. As she reads, various characters appear to teach her and to encourage her. Pani thinks about what she is reading and applies it to her current situation. She ends up saying a prayer to put her trust in Jesus, “The greatest gift of Christmas”.



Above: Our second stop for the day was a small preschool in the town of Nagykökényes (Nauj-ku-kane-yesh).


Above: Most of the kids were very young and sometimes in these situations a few are initially frightened as we march in with large boxes, suitcases and begin setting up. One girl (above right with teacher) began crying but soon after singing, she began to enjoy the show.




Above: The kids are always excited to receive the gift of a CD and magazine after the show. These materials are a great way to allow the ‘show’ to go on in their homes as they listen to Christian songs and read this Evangelistic Children’s magazine with their parents. We have purchased 1,300 of these to distribute and they are a bit over 50 cents a package. If you would like donate financially to cover our remaining cost for these materials, we would be blessed with $390 of financial donations. You can contact us for giving information.




Above: There were over 160 kids in this audience and I wondered if there would be the problem with chatter in the show which distracts others. We praise God that the entire audience was attentive and God kept the room free of distraction when the puppets were explaining parts of the Gospel or praying for one another.


Above: We believe this show not only impacts kids, but also teachers. It seems as if over the years we have gained their trust and they are even more open to singing along with us.


Above: Front row seats.




I sense that our spirits on the team were refreshed today as we have struggled with personal trials through the week. I told Miki today how thankful I was for our team that has proven to stick together under great stress and fatigue. These are marks of maturity in them and blessings from God as He leads us by His Holy Spirit. Miki’s son Bence is on antibiotic and is feeling better. Miki is still sick but feeling better. Brenda seems to be doing better as well. Although we had a tight schedule and three schools to visit, God gave us success in quickly packing and unpacking and gave us safety in travel. Praise God.

Prayer Requests:

• Tonight we will have our discipleship Bible study for Church members. Please pray for Miki as he leads the study on practical evangelism and pray for the members who will have opportunity this Saturday in a community Christmas event we are organizing at the local community center.

• Sharon will be going into Budapest tomorrow for a follow up exam required weeks after a miscarriage. Kira will also have an appointment to have the small hole in her heart examined (it may have closed up by now). Please pray for protection, peace and healing both physically and spiritually.

• Please pray for another good night of rest and refreshed spirits for tomorrow’s two shows.
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