WEDNESDAY Erdőtarcsa





Above: This year’s puppet team, Peti, Miki, Roger, Erika and Hugi.


Above: This school continues to be the most enthusiastic singing with us compared to every other school we visit. In most schools, the teachers find there way to the back of the room and remove themselves from participating. Here, they were singing and doing all the motions with us. After the show, one of the teachers came back to us while we were packing up and asked for clarification on the third verse of a song we just sang with the kids. She was already singing the song with them in the other room after the show, along with the motions. Some of the lyrics include: He died for me on the cross, On the third day He rose, He lives today... What an encouragement to know that after we pack up and leave, the truths of the Gospel continue to be sung in this preschool.



Above: A view from the classroom window at our next stop in the town of Erdőkürt.


Above: After some quick improvisation with moving desks and chairs, the small classroom filled up with over 80 kids.


Above: This child singing along with us pointing to Jesus did a great job answering questions after Erika presented the gospel and reviewed the truths with the kids.



Above: Behind the scenes, Hugi, Roger and Miki raising the cross in our shadow puppet sequence. Towards the end of our show, there was a power outage that knocked out our sound and lights. Miki and Roger were performing at the time and slowly lowered their puppets. With these type of power outages, you never know how long they will last. We praise God that the power kicked back on within seconds and the equipment picked right up where we left off.

Please continue to pray:

• For healing for Erika’s eye infection.
• For Kira who may be coming down with a cold.
• For good nights of rest for the team and their families.
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