Puppets Monday



Above: We met early in the morning for a brief time of prayer and packing up the cars for our Puppet show in Egyházasdengeleg (edge - ha - zos - den - ge - leg). We praise God for good weather for travel (no snow), and for success in reaching our destination today (the winding back roads can be confusing).



Above: Miki leading the kids in singing a song about the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ.


Above: A little fun with the kids pretending to be on a sled together.

We have visited this school over the past four years and have seen it go through major changes. Due to the lack of funding for schools and teachers, half of the students and teachers were sent elsewhere while the youngest stayed. It is always encouraging to see familiar faces at these shows and being able to hear from them, “I remember you.” The kids were very attentive and the teachers were gracious to us.




Above: Behind the curtain, Hugi and Roger prepare their puppets for action.




Above: After the show, two teachers invited to speak over coffee and snacks. The conversation was full of pessimism and hopelessness as they spoke about the deteriorating state of Hungary. They spoke about the destruction of families, the influence of materialism, the lack of help from the government. They told a story about an acquaintance who died because they were sent away from the hospital to return one day later, but it was too late. The teacher also told us of her personal financial problems that related to government funding. Over the past four years, her salary has dropped 40% instead of being raised in increments. Unfortunately, there is nothing she can do to find more work. In the midst of the conversation Miki and I were able to highlight Hungary’s need for God. We shared that we are going after the root of the problem by helping people to turn to Jesus Christ. They were very open and honest in their conversation and we were thankful for the time to share with them our hope in God as our provider and source of peace in the midst of a very unstable world.

This was a great first day of ministry...thank you Lord!

Prayer requests (not on the list we sent out to our daily prayer supporters):

• Miki and Roger are still recovering from head colds. Please pray for complete healing.
• We are still preparing materials and need to practice our separate drama that will be given on Monday. Please pray for wisdom and success in putting it together.

Thanks for your prayers! We are off tomorrow (Tuesday) and our next show will be Wednesday morning.
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