Weekly Update

First, I wanted to thank all of you who support our ministry and family through prayer as we share our lives with you through this blog.




Above: Vali is a local preschool teacher who previously had Ben as a student. She has been a part of our english program for years but remains at a distance when it comes to spiritual things. Please pray for her to come to understand what it means to have a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Above: Having alot of fun with our morning class. We had students blindfolded while other class mates had to give them directions to hidden chocolate while avoiding obstacles placed throughout the room.


Above: Heidi took a portion of class time to teach about our celebration of Thanksgiving. At one point, we had the students think of a few things they were thankful for and practice by saying them out loud in English.

After saying two things, student Klári became apologetic and said, “I'm sorry it is very difficult for us to even think of something that we are thankful for. It is just not part of what we do in Hungary.” This lead to students discussing how the majority of Hungarians are pessimists and find it difficult to think in any other way. As we went further in the discussion, Tünde began to express to Miki the need to accept ourselves since God accepts us just as we are. There was a hint of her believing that we have the strength in ourselves to be godly. By God's grace, we were able to highlight the fact that if man was able to make his way to God there would have been no reason to send Jesus to save us from our sins. We talked about how we often want to do good, but have experienced constant failure and sinned. There was a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel with the morning class which made it an especially encouraging thanksgiving day.




Above: Ben getting a free preview of our Christmas show. We are so thankful for the house God has provided once we returned to Hungary from furlough. We hold a lot of ministry meetings and practices (like the puppet practice) in our basement. The weeks of preparations and practices are nearly complete. Starting soon from December 8-19th, we are once again privileged to take the good news to over 1000 children, teenagers and adults (combined). We have been allowed to enter 18 public schools throughout our target area for church planting for this year’s show.




Above: Tonight we got to try out the new foosball table that God recently provided through a Hungarian church member. In the midst of game time, teenager Gabi passed out cards asking kids to write questions for Erika (Miki’s wife) who would be giving her testimony tonight. I was encouraged to see them take the time to write down what they were interested in hearing.


Above: Erika received questions such as, “How long have you been a Christian; Why is it important to know God; How did you meet your husband; Why does God allow wars and injustice in the world?” Erika was able to share her testimony about not coming from a Christian home and the process of God drawing her to Himself. It is always encouraging to see a handful of kids who are truly paying attention. This may be the only place where these teens are hearing about real life changes that Jesus has brought about and about the free offer of salvation for those who put their faith in Him.
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