Back to Hungary

We have returned safely to Hungary after a week long conference in Turkey with fellow PI missionaries. Since the internet connection there was 'shabby', I wasn't able to keep the blog updated. Here are some highlights below.


Above: Kira enjoying the security of her sister Elianna in front of her on our day trip into Istanbul.




Above: Ben observing a mosque turned museum in Istanbul.


Above: Recovered Christian art. This building was originally a Christian church before converted into a mosque.


Above: Their expressions say a lot about their personalities.

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Above: Each day we were blessed by a worship team leading us in song and prayer. We had two different speakers who enriched our time with teaching on cultural trends that impact our ministry. We also spent time learning more about the sacrificial atonement of Jesus Christ.


Above: Kira decided to take her first steps in Istanbul. She loved the interaction with all the other kids at the conference. She did not love being away from mommy and being put in child care.


Above: Sharon serving up Turkish coffee (or at least pretending to before the real worker returns).


Above: Closing our conference with prayer and thanksgiving to our Lord. It was encouraging to hear how God is raising up teams in very difficult and dark areas to bring the light of His gospel. We are thankful to be able to join His work in Hungary at this time in history.




In a more sobering and serious note, I was recently given more information about the martyrdom of the three men in Turkey who were killed a day before we arrived. Our three brothers in Christ were tortured for 3 hours before going to be with Christ. "Tilman was stabbed 156 times, Necati 99 times and Ugur's stabs were too numerous to count." The way of their torture is too gruesome and sickening for me to write. Below are some excerpts from the letter I received from from the Protestant Church of Smyrna...

"This past week has been filled with much sorrow. Many of you have heard by now of our devastating loss here in an event that took place in Malatya, a Turkish province 300 miles northeast of Antioch, the city where believers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26)."

"In an act that hit front pages in the largest newspapers in Turkey, Susanne Tilman in a television interview expressed her forgiveness. She did not want revenge, she told reporters. "Oh God, forgive them for they know not what they do," she said, wholeheartedly agreeing with the words of Christ on Calvary (Luke 23:34)."

"In a country where blood-for-blood revenge is as normal as breathing, many many reports have come to the attention of the church of how this comment of Susanne Tilman has changed lives. One columnist wrote of her comment, "She said in one sentence what 1000 missionaries in 1000 years could never do."

"Please pray for the Church in Turkey. "Don't pray against persecution, pray for perseverence," urges Pastor Fikret Bocek.

"The Church is better having lost our brothers; the fruit in our lives, the renewed faith, the burning desire to spread the gospel to quench more darkness in Malatya, all these are not to be regretted. Pray that we stand strong against external opposition and especially pray that we stand strong against internal struggles with sin, our true debilitating weakness."

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