SATURDAY Egyházasdengeleg


Above: One of the older students from Egyházasdengeleg that has been hearing the true story of Christmas and Easter throughout our puppet ministry over the past few years.


Above: Flags waving in a cool breeze overlooking the village of Egyházasdengeleg.

Today we traveled to the small village of Egyházasdengeleg with a population of 500. As we talked to the teachers we learned their plans for their village day celebration which are rooted in paganism. One teacher was carrying a wooden cross not to remember Jesus, but to later build a life sized puppet with the kids. They planned to later march around the village with the puppet attaching papers that they have written their sins, sicknesses, and problems on. Later they would gather together and burn the puppets.

Since we have a good relationship with the teachers, having served here every Christmas and Easter over the past five years, before our show Miki was able bring up what they were doing and how it shadows a reality of what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross for our sins. He asked them why they would choose to honor a dead superstition instead of honoring Jesus Christ who is living and the Savior of the world. They answered that it was an important tradition, even if it was superstition that the Hungarian kids should also learn from their ancestors.



Above: Kids getting their hands warmed up for doing the motions for our songs. The little girl in the front row al the way to the right (black dress) was one who was able to answer correctly when Erika was reviewing the different colors representing different truths of the Gospel. When Erika held up the white color, the little girl said, “He cleans our heart from sin.” The mother directly behind her is a Christian and teaches the Bible to some of the kids in the village throughout the week.




Above: Miki giving some of the kids crafted balloons.


Above: After the show, we were invited to the teachers lounge for tea, snacks and conversation. Bori, who has always delved deeper in conversation with us when we visit her school began talking about the terrible situation that Hungary is in, as many struggle to find work in a bad economy. She then began talking about her life, some personal struggles that she was going through and seemed to be asking what life was all about. Was there purpose? God opened up a door for us to begin talking about the good news of finding new life in Jesus Christ and experiencing joy and peace in knowing that we have a restored relationship with God.

Bori also shared that she just couldn't talk to God in a personal way in prayer. Her view of God is that He is so far above, so exalted that she just can't speak to Him. I told her that this was half true. God is so far above and so exalted, but the other truth is that Jesus in the ultimate act of humility and grace, lowered Himself in order to bring us to the Father and reconcile our relationship with Him. I encouraged her to consider Jesus, who has given us the possibility to become children of God and to call Him "Father". When Jesus taught us to say, "our Father", he certainly did not mean to keep us at a distance from God, but to draw our attention to the new intimate relationship believers have with Him. I told her to find a new view of God by turning her attention to Jesus, what He taught and how He lived in relationship to us. Jesus Himself said, "Whoever has seen me has seen the Father."

This conversation went on for over twenty minutes and also shifted to the truth that God has done everything necessary through Christ to obtain for us the means to be forgiven for our sins. Though Bori was asking all the questions, there was also another teacher sitting quietly in the back of the lounge just listening. When we had to leave, Bori told Miki to send her more information through her email address, and out of the blue the other teacher who had been sitting quietly pressed a paper toward Miki and said, "Can you also please send me more information also about this… I struggle with understanding how God can forgive my sin. This conversation has meant a lot to me." Praise God for opening up this door to share HIs amazing Gospel and for drawing these two women to Himself. Please pray for these two teachers to come to fully understand all that God has revealed through His Son Jesus Christ.




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