Puppet and Drama Ministry Day 1

Petőfibánya's public school



Above: Playing some games with the kids before the start of the puppet show in Petőfibánya. The children that came to our show had to get permission from parents to attend because of the 'religious' content. Praise God, over 25 children attended both our puppet and drama show.


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Above: Janka sharing God's word with the kids after the show. In contrast to previous years, the children were much more able to pay attention.


Above: After each show, we are able to distribute a Christian family magazine for the kids which gives them more opportunity to learn about Jesus.



Above: Ice breaker games with the teens before our Drama ministry begins.


Above: The joy of seeing teens sing songs about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We were thankful for the success of our first puppet and drama show. All the technical equipment worked well and our team worked in a unified and loving manner. We were able to make known our upcoming VBS to many of the kids and saw the excitement in their faces. We were also able to invite more teens to our Friday teen outreach in Petőfibánya and hope to see new faces at our next time together.
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