Monday ESL Party

Due to a communication break down, our puppet/drama show that was scheduled for this morning was canceled. The town where we were scheduled to perform is called Szurdokpüspöki. This is the town where we were first asked if we could offer anything for the teenagers, which in turn led us to form our drama team. This is also the town where the headmaster was moved to tears after one of our performances that communicated the gospel. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Christmas for another opportunity to enter this school. Please pray that we will be able to return.

Thanks to the help and hard work of Jill, Rachelle, and Cathy (above) we had a great barbeque end-of-semester party for our ESL students. I was also thankful for Tamara and Val who did a lot of preperatory planning for this party. It is so encouraging to have teammates who strengthen the ministry here and help me (as I had hardly had any strength to plan this event) to bless these students.

All the students over the last three months have seemed to become more open and have formed a bond in friendship. Many of them cried as they considered that we would not meet again until after summer. We invited all the students to this Sunday's special Easter service. Please pray that they will respond to this invitation and have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

Above L: Heidi and Tamara talking with Kati and Andi. Above R: Jeannot playing a few sing-along worship songs after dinner.
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