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As we continue to adjust to life with Kira and the responsibilities of ministry, I have cut back on blogging. I hope to be able to update this blog twice a week, and even more as we have time.


Kira has been working on strengthening her vocal cords (meaning she cries alot). It could be from unseen pain, maybe stomach pain, maybe she just is frustrated that she can't walk yet-who knows. In any case, we praise God that she is healthy, eating and sleeping well and growing more beautiful each day. Sharon is doing a great job as a mother of 3 lively kids as she finds ways to care for them all.

Below: Andi stops by to visit with her son Milán before going out with church member Csaba to distribute gospel of John booklets throughout Petőfibánya.

P1300826 P1300828


Above: The crazy antics of Zoli and Gabi S.

Tonight, I met with Zoli and Gabi for our discipleship study. I was able to encourage them to look forward to this year's English Camp, not as just a fun time, but an opportunity to use their giftings to help others come to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am very excited that some of the teens that will be attending camp from Petőfibánya (Dávid, Zoli, Gabi S., and Ádám) have already placed their faith in Jesus. Instead of being attendees, they will also have the privilege in reaching out to the otherr students in class, bible study time and free time. Please pray that they will catch a vision for evangelism and a desire to use the giftings that God has given to His glory.

It was encouraged when Zoli said to me smiling, "Do you know that this month, I will have known you for a year. I'm really thankful." Zoli often refers to me endearingly as papa. Little does he know the blessing it is for me to be an encourager in his life in this time! I love these guys!

After I meet with Miki tomorrow, I hope to report on how his adult Bible study went.

Below: Our precious ones, Elianna, Benjamin and Kira.

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