Saturday and Sunday



Above: Lots of teens came over to Miki’s house for our Saturday night Teen Christmas Party.


Above: Sharon and Erika hiding out in the kitchen when things got out of hand.

P1430225.JPG P1430224.JPG

Above: We had plenty of fun playing group games, eating pizza together and just spending time together.


Above: Elianna having some fun with Miki and Erika’s kids, Bence and Anna. Miki and Dezs┼Ĺ spent most of the night playing Christmas songs in the background. We are thankful that these teens count us as friends and find these type of get togethers as safe and fun places to spend time.



Above: Betti and Adrienn making paper crafts in Sunday School.


Above: Heidi blessing others in the body with thoughtful gifts.


Above: Gábór (the husband of Hugi who is serving with us on our puppet team) sharing in our time for faith stories on Sunday night. Recently at his work place a request was made for many employees to stay to pack gift bags. The employees began complaining about how ugly the bags are and how they didn’t want to do the work. Gábór on the other hand remained positive and offered his help. His boss later inquired why he had such a contrasting attitude than the rest. Gábór was able to give credit to God who changed his life. The boss, although not a Christian was so thankful to have someone with ‘faith’ working for him in a work environment full of hopelessness.

Tomorrow we begin our second week of Puppet and Drama Ministry. We value your prayers!

Prayer Requests outside of the general list we sent out:
• Healing for Brenda who came down with a cold this weekend.
• Refreshing rest tonight as we need strength and stamina for tomorrow’s shows.
• Miki’s son Bence had a high fever and is sick. Please pray for healing.
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