Day 8 Puppet & Drama Ministry!


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Above: Some of the children (including Ben) from Petőfibánya's preschool that came to see today's puppet show.



Above: In contrast with the experience we had in Petőfibánya's middle school, the preschool kids were very receptive and the teachers kept all things in order. Because of Janka's Bible class that she holds weekly in this preschool, many of the kids sang with excitement knowing the words and movements to each song.

One of the teachers in the preschool, Hajni used to attend some of our Bible studies and even church. However, she remains involved in the occult. As Janka was teaching the kids about Jesus, Janka asked, "You can't pray to a dead person can you?" Janka was making the point of Jesus being alive. It is sad to know that some in the room probably do seek to communicate with the dead in ways that God forbids.

Brenda was able to talk with one of her English students Vali, who teaches in the preschool. Since we ended the English semester, Brenda was curious to know what Vali was doing instead. Vali said that she is now attending a yoga class in town. Many teachers from the preschool attend this yoga class. Please pray that they may find the true source of peace and perfection in a relationship with the resurrected Son of God, Jesus Christ, and not be deceived and blinded by the enemy and his alternate paths.


Above: Will the real baby please stand up. Sharon was able to take Kira to today's puppet show, although Kira spent most of her time staring at these baby dolls and saying, "Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba..."

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Above: After unpacking our gear and setting up our puppet stage, we were warmly greeted by Egyházasdengeleg's principal. Some of you remember that God opened up an opportunity for us to share the gospel with her last year. This year, Miki gave her a copy of a Bible with larger text that is easier to read. This turned into a ten minute conversation before our show even began. Miki was able to explain God's provision of salvation through Jesus Christ. He pointed out verses in the Bible to explain the gospel, and also briefly helped her to understand how to study the Bible. Please pray for this principal as she reads more of God's word. Please pray that the Lord would give her understanding of the hope and new life found in Jesus Christ.



Above: We usually begin the show with a few songs that have the message of Easter in the lyrics. The kids jumping above are singing, "On the third day He was raised!" These kids are pretty sharp when it comes to the true message of Easter. They enjoyed the puppet show, and did an excellent job as they listened to Janka teach about the Lamb of God, offering Himself once and for all for the sins of the world.

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Above: Csaba goofing off, as we set up the stage for the drama show for the teens.

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Above: After our drama, I give a short message on Easter with Janka's help translating. I have been highlighting Jesus power to defend Himself, and the greater work that He did in allowing Himself to be put to death in order to voluntarily pay for our sins. I then interact with the kids talking about what Jesus did in the drama. It is always good to hear them give answers that we were seeking to communicate through the drama.

Tomorrow we will present our last Easter Puppet and Drama show for 2007. We will be visiting the towns of Héhalom and Jóbágyi. Please pray for our last day to be effective and accomplish God's work of communicating HIs message of reconciliation through us.
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