Franklin Graham Hope Festival Day 1


Above: Going the first night, front row: Eniko, Gyozo, Reni, Timi and Jennifer. Back row: Sára, Laura, Kitti, Bálint, Szebi and Erika. Reni responded to an invite from Timi and Jennifer who have recently become Christians. Reni will be attending again tonight (Saturday) without her daughter Kitti which pulled her attention away from the message on Friday night. Reni is open and we ask that you would join us in praying for her salvation.

Eniko, Gyozo, Erika, Gyula (not pictured) and myself are serving at the Festival as counselors. I praise God for the faithfulness of these four from our church who went through the training and are excited about sharing the Gospel with others.


Above: Approaching the Sportaréna in Budapest for Friday’s show.


Above: The thousand person chorus singing classic hymns through the night.

One Hungarian performer began singing How Great Thou Art and the Lord brought my memory back to childhood as I sat in a pew and watched my father sing this very song in a small church in Delaware. How far my gracious Lord has taken me that I should now be in Hungary, a privileged child of God participating in this outreach in a nation I knew nothing about as a child. But God knew then where He would take me by His grace and in His sovereignty. Truly, how great thou art my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.


Above: From what I could estimate there were 5000 or more people in the stadium and overflow areas outside.

Franklin Graham in Budapest


Above: Those responding to Franklin Graham’s call to come forward and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation.

I was directed to three men of various ages that were together for counseling. It turns out that there were already believers but were moved to reaffirm their confession of faith.

Please continue to pray for us Saturday night and Sunday night. Jennifer (pictured above in group shot) invited another friend that will be attending. Jennifer recently prayed for this woman’s son and has talked with her about faith in Christ. We are hopeful for her and for Reni’s hearing the good news tonight and responding with faith in Christ. Please pray for them and also for teenager Fani who will be joining us as well. Pray also for those of us serving that we would be sent to those God has chosen and be an encouragement and help to them in putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

Above: Brief video highlights I took from Friday.

Kira’s preschool graduation



Above: Kira preparing to go to her graduation ceremony at Petofibanya’s preschool. Pretty soon they’ll begin throwing graduation parties for babies getting out of the hospital after birth. Kira is looking forward to school already and we’re thankful for Ben and Elianna who will be a great help for her when she does make the transition.


Weeks ago I asked for prayer as the Baptist Church of Hungary was considering buying the middle school here in our home town (something we did not initiate and was a complete surprise to us). From what we understand all votes are in and the final decision has been made for the Baptist to buy the school. This is very exciting for us and we look forward to seeing how God will use this to bring salvation to a new generation in Petofibanya.
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