Yesterday, Ben was able to suit up for his pre-school's Farsang (far-shong) celebration. The kids did a cute performance with dance and Hungarian poetry. Afterwards, they dressed up in different costumes and bounced off the walls. I hope to put a DVD together for the parents from the footage I took. This is just another way to bless them and give them a creative invite to church.

Please pray for our small groups tomorrow. Miki's group will be talking about the heart of the gospel. He expects many first time visitors (some from Ben's preschool). Please pray for the message to be presented in clarity and that those who attend would understand and receive this amazing gift from God. I will be meeting with the teens and continue studying the book of Colossians. Please pray that the teens would gain a hunger for God's word and also gain a better understanding of how to apply it in their everyday lives.
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