O.K. you sloppy excuse for a man, it's time to get into shape! Actually, I feel like I'm in pretty good shape, but Gabi requested that we begin running together in the mornings. Before the blazing sun thickened the air, we headed out to one of the fields bordering our village. Gabi's doctor recommended regular exercise due to his unusually high blood pressure and we hope to help him in this process.

P1320263.JPG P1320257.JPG

Above L: Just another component of our sophisticated work out. Above R: Zoli looks on as the Miki and Gabi finish at a close second and third.

P1320313.JPG P1320294.JPG


Above: The whole family enjoying the beautiful summer weather.


Above: I know you want to take this for a spin (Trabaunt parked in front of our apartment).
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