VBS Day 2


Above: After a good nights rest, kids were ready to sing along in our morning meeting.


Above: Kira, Elianna and Anna using their musical giftings to help in this years VBS.


Above: Zsófi, who was saved after attending VBS camps in the past continues to mature in her faith and is serving as a teacher this year. Today, she taught on the parable of the lost sheep as we continue the theme of God’s grace.


Above: Ben posing as one of the lost sheep in part of Zsófi’s teaching. With pointed fingers and shouting, the kids tried their hardest to let Zsófi that he was right behind her.


Above: Roger playing the part of the pastor in today’s mini-skit.



Above: After our morning meeting, we break into small groups. You can see my group above which is composed of believers and unbelievers. We’ve had some interesting discussion about the meaning of life, the problem of death and Arnold was able to share his testimony today about why he put his faith in Jesus Christ.




Above: Free time is full of activity for the kids with ‘crate-climbing’, soccer, archery, badminton and the our local camp post-office where kids write and design cards to each other.






Above: Petofibánya’s mayor (far right) came out to visit today. She presented Mariann (center) with a pin to recognize her years of service as a social worker in our community.


Thank you for your continued prayers for our team and all the children attending. Some are starting to feel the physical drain and need strength for the new day tomorrow. Please pray for a great night’s rest and for our bodies to be restored to serve. We’ve had an issue for the past two days of not having the amount of food we would have liked to distribute to the kids for lunch. Please pray for God to multiply what is supplied to us and for all to be satisfied. Pray especially for Lilla, a camper who we’ve had trouble connecting with. Please continue to pray that the Gospel may be proclaimed clearly and that entire households will come to put their faith in Jesus.
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