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Above: After Easter break, and a breather after intense puppet and drama ministry, we're back online. Kira continues to reveal more of her personality every day. Her latest joy is quickly grabbing at her sister or brother with repetitive high pitched short squeals and giggles. Her favorite food is whipped cream. Spray a little on her high chair tray and she dives in covering her entire face with only a portion going into her mouth. She then starts to wiggle with excitement and scream with joy.

Elianna has been having fun trying on her spring and summer dresses over the past few days. She also enjoys putting on mom's shiny lip gloss. Ben is a master Lego castle builder. He is busy most days setting up his plastic men in battle formations.


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Above: Julie, Roger and I practice for an upcoming drama that we will perform in our upcoming PI conference. Julie was responsible for writing this year's drama for our ministry in public schools. In some parts of this drama, Roger has to yell. We chose to drive to the outskirts of Petőfibánya to practice. Just minutes after we set up, a stranger drove in, walked about 15 yards away and began fishing. I am sure the man had a much more interesting time watching us than catching fish.



Above: A photographer came to Ben's preschool with outfits galore. Of course Ben chose to get dressed up as part of the Hungarian calvary.


Above: We held an 'end of term' evaluation meeting with our dear friend and teammate Heidi. Heidi faithfully fulfilled her one-year commitment to our sub team in Heves County and will be returning to the US for furlough. She plans to return to Hungary and reevaluate at that point where God would have her serve among PI Hungary as a whole. We will miss her!


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Above: Zoli and Gabi came for our thursday night discipleship study. I am thankful for these young men and their faithfulness to continue in fellowship. We studied about Jesus being the Prophet, Priest and King, and spent time in prayer for one another. Sadly, in the near future, Gabi will be moving from Petőfibánya to a village on the other side of Hungary. He will be attending school there and helping with his families store. There is no church in the area he is going, and it is our prayer that Gabi will have some part in spreading the gospel in that area.

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Above: Sharon visiting with Eszter who attends our church when she is able. Eszter is married with two children: Alina (above L) and Szabolcs (above R). Kira had fun putting eggs on her head, once she figured out that Szabolcs was entertained by it.



Above: Soccer with the teens. Believe it or not, it was 70 degrees here today! Instead of being confined to the gym we usually rent, we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Gabi K. in the red shirt will be attending English camp for the first time this year. Gabi is already a believer, but has been restricted in taking part in fellowship in our studies and in our church.

Tomorrow, I am off to Debrecen to serve as videographer and photographer for Miki's sister's wedding. I'll be taking Dezső and his family, and also Zoli (above sitting on ball) who will assist me throughout the day.

Prayer requests:

Elianna has had hives the last few days. We think it may be in response to either peanut butter or tomatoes-but there is no way to know for sure. The hives come and go and they pose no serious problem other than discomfort. Please pray for healing.

We be traveling some distance tomorrow for the wedding and returning late at night. Please pray for safety and that God would be glorified through the wedding ceremony. You could also ask that I would have success in getting memorable and beautiful shots for them to enjoy in the future.

Sharon will be 'home alone' with the kids. Please pray that she would have strength and wisdom as to how best to minister to them. Pray for their protection.
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