Sunday Worship



Above: Julika (center in blue) with the help of PI's Area Resource Team prepared a children's worship instructional video for church planters. The children who performed in the video were all from Petofibanya. On Sunday, they were invited to perform some of the songs in church with their parents as guests. Many children who do not regularly attend our church came, but unfortunately without their parents.

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Above L: Julie played a important role in directing and teaching for the video. Above R: The children were given their own copy of the DVD.

In our worship service, we were encouraged through God's people giving testimony to His grace and provision. Dezso told the story of how he was almost killed last week while returning home on a public bus. On the back roads that weave through the mountains, the brakes on the bus gave out. Afterward, the bus driver accidently pressed on the gas as he frantically tried to stop the bus. Dezso said, "I truly thought that this was the end." At around the same time Marcsi, Dezso's wife, was just finishing her shift. While stepping outside of the factory, she felt led to pray. She didn't know why or for what, so she communed with God with the Lord's prayer. By God's grace, the bus driver (or shall we say God) stopped the bus. Praise God for protecting Dezso and all those on the bus.

Peter preached on the need for all Chrisitans to develop a lifestyle like Elijah (1 Kings 17). When Elijah was called to do something by God, he obeyed. When Elijah 'hit a wall' in the midst of his obedience, he didn't turn back or depend solely on his own abilities and wisdom to solve problems of provision. In the Kerith Valley, God provided in an unexpected way with ravens bringing bread and meat morning and evening. When Elijah's source of water dried up in that place, Elijah didn't panic and follow the stream to it's source. He didn't give up on God's calling. Instead, God tells him to go further and to find a widow who would provide. When Elijah found her, faith was once again required. The woman didn't even have enough for her own family. Elijah by this time had developed a habit of waiting when he 'hit a wall' in the midst of his calling. He didn't question God's goodness, or His sovereignty. The Bible says about Moses, "By faith he left Egypt without fearing the king's anger, for he persevered as though he could see the one who is invisible." (Heb 11:27) Elijah also persevered as though he could see the one who is invisible. We need to cultivate that type of faith when we 'hit a wall' and problems arise in our calling that are beyond our capability to solve. We need to be people who see the One who is invisible that has the power and wisdom to show us how to go further.


Above: Daddy and Kira after church talking with Dezso.


Above: Andi's son Milán with a big smile after receiving his very own worship DVD. Norbi, to the left of Milán in the picture is the son of Edit who for the first time came to MIki's Bible study last Thursday. Edit came towards the end of our service and said that she would have come sooner, but had to deal with her baby (who is Kira's age). Please pray for Edit and her family that they would all come to know Jesus, and that more families would be added to our number in Petfibánya.


Above: One of the gifts I have received from God-my wonderful family. As you can see, Ben can now express with his eyes how energetic he is. He also is spiking his hair for extra effect.


Above: Special guests! Brenda's parents are visiting and enjoying the experience of personally seeing the where, what and with who aspects of Brenda's life and ministry.
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