2007 VBS day 3


Above: Early in the morning after prayer, Julika and her daughter Mani prepare the stage for todays teaching.


Above: I am very thankful for teenager Zoli being able to finish his intern at a local supermarket to be able to serve with us this year. He has done a great job bonding with the kids and is a tremendous help with everyday heavy lifting and preparation.


Above: The Lord provided perfect weather today to hike to a newly built horse ranch in the hills of Petőfibánya. This is the first time I had been back to this area since last year's VBS when weed filled fields and overgrown bushes were all you could see. The owners of the ranch did an amazing job clearing out acres of land and making a beautiful place for these kids to enjoy today.







Sharon felt God's presence as she went into the city for minor surgery on her toe and to have a spot removed on her leg. There were no complications and she is now all bandaged up sitting on the bed reading instructions to boxes of antibiotics and pain killers. She is able to walk, but should not spend much time standing or putting too much stress on her feet. She will be returning to the doctor in seven days to have some stitches removed. We will have the results of tests in two weeks. We praise God for His provision of transportation to and from the city for Sharon today, for a successful surgery, and for Kira having a good time with dad.

There were no injuries today, and since all the kids from Romania were visiting a dentist, there were no problems with kids making fun of them. Tomorrow the children from Romania will return to camp, so please continue to pray for them.

As the teachers serving in camp this year continue to teach God's word and explain the gospel, please pray for the children to be given understanding and softened hearts to receive this Good News.

Please continue to pray for physical strength and also restful nights of sleep for those serving in camp (and also for the kids who are attending.) Pray especially for Julika and Janka who are facilitating the camp and are in need of extra strength and wisdom.

Please continue to pray for the team serving this year that we would communicate well, and have love as the motive of all that we do. Pray for our unity and that God would continue to encourage us as we have passed the midpoint of camp.

Tomorrow, Allen will be going to meet with a lawyer to continue the process of buying a house in Petőfibánya. We need to acquire a permit as foreigners to purchase a house in Hungary. Please pray that the meeting with the lawyer would expedite the process of getting this permit and that God would oversee each step of this purchase.
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