Above L to R: Niki, Eszti, Dezső and Roger. Our opening discussion question asked “How do you spend your quite time with God.” Niki encouraged us as she talked about having a prayer bulletin board in her room and sought to meet with God each morning. She keeps the bulletin board right by her bed so it is the first thing she sees in the morning. Niki also shared about lessons God was teaching her about stewardship and the use of her time. She was personally convicted about her ‘occupation’ with make-up in the morning and how much time it took away from more important things. She also saw how much money she was spending on make-up. Being free in Christ, she immediately made some changes to her daily routine. The choosing to spend less time with make up actually brings out a greater beauty of Christ’s work in Niki’s heart. Praise God for these visible steps toward maturity in Christ.


Above: We are so thankful for Gyula’s change of heart and his new found faith in Jesus Christ. I was able to give Gyula more information about baptism on Thursday night and invited him to our baptism/foundations of faith class on Sunday mornings. Through conversations with Gyula, it is clear that he is regularly in God’s word and is learning new truths about Jesus every week. Gyula, like the majority of those in our church, is the first in his family to believe. Praise God for his amazing work in Gyula’s life and the miraculous change that is taking place in Gyula’s heart.



Above: Eszti’s daughter Alina and our Kira having some fun dancing at Játszóház. As our start time approached, we continued to glance at the doors, hoping for new families to respond to the invitations and posters that were distributed in Selyp/Lőrinci. As many of you know, we have been looking for ways to begin a new work in this town for years, but the door remained shut. Unfortunately, there was only one family (Klári and her daughter Réka) outside of our team that attended. In contrast, in our home town which is half the size of Selyp, over forty kids and many parents attended. Miki already meets weekly with a lot of the kids from Petőfibánya to teach Bible class in public school. We also have relationships with parents through our Friday night volleyball outreach. We don’t have the same connections in Selyp, and we will be reconsidering our future steps of using Játszóház in this town. We have already begun discussing, moving this Játszóház to where God is clearly been signaling us... to the town of Heréd. Please pray that we would be led with His wisdom and use this tool where He wants to use it for His glory.


Above: Klári and her daughter Réka. We are thankful for our continued relationship with Klári who we initially met through our ESL Bible study.


Above: Bence going after Gyula in one of our ice-breaker games for the kids.



Above: Elianna and Anna helping with the motions to each song.





Above: Kira who had a stomach bug just a few days before fully recovered and was able to attend Játszóház.



Above: János who has been attending our church for the past three weeks came a bit early on Sunday. As Dezső, Miki and I met for prayer at 12:45 (service starts at 4:00), János strolled in, hung up his coat and sat down. János waited patiently as we finished praying together and then began talking about our musical worship team and how he enjoyed listening to us. János is a retired musician. As more church members began to show up for musical worship practice, greeting each other with laughter and joy, János turned to us and asked, “How can there be fellowship like this, how does this happen.?” Miki with a smile just pointed up and said, “God. It is God’s work.”

I couldn’t help but think of Jesus’ words in John 17: 22: The glory you gave to me I have given to them, that they may be one just as we are one -  I in them and you in me - that they may be completely one, so that the world will know that you sent me, and you have loved them just as you have loved me.

Our love for one another, our unity in Jesus is making a powerful impression on a man reaching his seventies. After music practice, I was able to talk to János about Jesus. János comes from a Catholic background, but as I probed with questions, it was clear that he did not understand the good news that we can obtain salvation, forgiveness of sins, eternal life and a restored relationship with the Father through faith in Jesus Christ. He was of the mindset that we can’t be sure about what happens after death, and he spoke about God’s accepting people based on their good works. As I talked about sin and how we have all sinned and fallen short, János confidently said, “Not me. Not me.” Obviously, János needs not only to hear the Gospel, but understand the Gospel. We hope that as he continues to attend our church and as he eavesdrops as I teach Gyula in our baptism class that he will truly hear and understand and make a decision to believe Jesus.







• Praise God that all of our kids are well and are able to return to school after weeks of sickness.

• Praise God for the continued spiritual growth of Gyula.

• Praise God for the unity in our church and on our team which points to Jesus.

• Pray for two teens. One a professing believer who is living in sin, another a regular attender and friend that is hardening their heart toward God’s work in their life.

• Pray for Sharon as she meets with Ben and Elianna’s school principal to discuss our furlough plans and the many days our kids will miss.

• Pray for our Thursday night teen mentoring meeting to encourage, equip and bless teenagers in their walk of faith with Jesus Christ.

Thank you all for your continued support!
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