Our family is just days away from returning to Hungary! We praise God for so many of you who have played a part in our support being raised from 61% to 83%! We appreciate your commitment to building Christ's kingdom in Hungary and giving us the means to return.

Lord willing, our flight touches down this Thursday and on Friday, we are off to serve in this year's English Camp.



Above: Some photos from last year’s English Camp. Every year, we get a mix of teens, young adults, single parents and even some who are retired who attend our English Camp. Our desire is that whatever walk of life they have come from that they encounter Jesus Christ at our camp. This is a great opportunity to introduce the broken to the only One who brings complete restoration to life through salvation. A common theme in Hungarian’s lives is hopelessness. Jesus wants each of them to cast their burdens on Him and find rest in Him as their Lord and Savior. Would you join us in praying for this year’s camp?

petofibanya students
Above: Campers who are attending from our hometown of Petofibánya. Some of you have asked for help with names, so here it is:

Gabi (gah-bee)
Eniko (any-koo)
Niki (nick-ee)
Gyozo (Jew-zoo)
Zsofi (show-fee)
Eszti (es-tee)
Ádám (adam)

If you still can’t pronounce their names, don’t worry, God understands who you are talking about in prayer. Please pray especially for Zsofi since this is her first time attending English Camp, but not her first time hearing the gospel. She has gone to various teen outreaches we have held in Petőfibánya, but I believe this will be a completely different experience for her. Those in the top row have already put their faith in Jesus (three of which were saved in English Camps) and are growing in our local church.

Prayer Requests:

• For our remaining financial support to come in.
• For strength and wisdom as we pack and prepare for our return to Hungary.
• For Allen's preparation of curriculum for his class at English Camp.
• For success and safety in travel (many suitcases and many kids, U.S. to Budapest, Budapest to Petőfibánya and then Petőfibánya to Lakitelek for English Camp).
• For help in overcoming jet lag and fatigue from traveling.
• For continued protection and healthy growth of our child (Sharon now at 20 weeks!)

mercer shadows

Above: Our family spending a day at the beach last week. This was the kids first time at a beach. They had a great time!
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