Wednesday-Puppet/Drama Day 3

Once again, the Lord blessed us with a very successful day of ministering to teachers and children through our Easter Puppet and Drama outreach. It was clear that our minds were a bit foggy this morning as we accidently left some important parts of our setup at home. Miki was kind enough to speed back to Petôfibánya and return in time to finish set-up without too much of a delay.

Today we visited the towns of Heréd and Zagyvaszántó. Heréd is similar in size to Petôfibánya, but has two church buildings unlike our village. The Elementary school teachers were very kind and wholeheartedly agreed that we need to stop and consider the true meaning of what we celebrate. After perfroming our drama for the teens in Heréd, the students gave concise answers to questions about the gospel. We are overjoyed to see that they are gaining understanding at a young age!

Heidi praises God that she had enough strength to serve today, and that she had no coughing fits in the midst of performing. Please continue to pray for her as she is still sick.

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