Above: Heréd’s local community center. Last night we had the opportunity to hold a evangelistic Bible study in the town of Heréd’s local community center. Apparently the organizer expected more parents to show, but said that the cold winter months and the current rapid spread of influenza throughout Hungary has brought down attendance. We were just happy to share with whoever showed up.


Above: Meet Marcsi, the one who initiated tonight’s meeting. Marcsi’s daughters have seen our puppet shows in their public school over the past years and have also attended our VBS. Marcsi has been organizing events for families in her town over the past year and seeks to build opportunities for fellowship. We pray that these meetings will lead to her understanding how to gain a restored relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.


Above: This is another Marcsi who also attended. Both of these women stayed for the small group discussion that Dezső led, while another parent was in a separate room to help her young children in the children’s program we organized.


Above: This child was just too fearful to join the others in the children’s program. After stepping in and out multiple times, he asked his mother if they could go home. His sister who was also there actually was committed to stay, but in the end the family chose to leave. Thankfully, the other kids, although initially reserved (since they don’t really know any of us) warmed up quickly and had a great time.


Above: Ben volunteering as a test subject for the next game for the kids.





Above: Dezső leading the small group discussion. Although I was not in the room (since I was helping entertain a wild kid the whole night in the other room), Dezső reported that the discussion went well and served as a great building block to continue. Both Marcsi(s) were receptive and interacted in the discussion. Praise God for this ‘first step’ into this community and for God’s grace in opening this door to share His good news with families in Heréd.

Thank you all for joining us in this ministry through your faithful prayer and financial support!


• Praise God Sharon and Elianna are almost fully recovered from the flu.
• Please pray for Ben who is showing signs of the flu today (fever and aches).
• Please pray for more opportunities to continue evangelistic Bible studies in Heréd through Marcsi. Pray for both Marcsi(s) to consider what they heard last night and to be drawn to Jesus.
• Please pray for teenager Gyula who is beginning to seek, read his Bible and is asking questions about baptism.
• Please pray for Thursday night’s youth mentoring meeting.
• Please pray for Allen who will be preaching on Sunday.
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