Wednesday Update


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Above: Shots from the Miki's sister's wedding that I attended last Saturday. The good news...they both know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

The Hungarians have a church service for the marriage union and also a separate legal ceremony where the bride and groom publicly sign a marriage certificate. The second ceremony was NOT around the corner. All seven of us (Dezső's family, and teenagers Zoli and Gabi) hopped in our SUV LUV truck car thingy and began a long journey. I am thankful for the passengers who made the long ride full of laughter.


Above: The journey to ceremony two.

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Above: Family from the groom's side preparing food for the masses.


Above: The guy with the ribbons was a type of MC for the evening. He shouted in the streets announcing the union of the two, leading the large procession of those attending the wedding around the block.


Loud music in stereo! I liked the first song, and then the next song sounded like the first, and then the third song sounded like the second song...well you get the point. I was thankful for Gabi and Zoli's help as I was responsible for the video and picture taking for the night. We decided to leave close to midnight, and I drove away entrusting our route to my trusty navigator Dezső. Praise God that He led us safely home and I collapsed in bed at 3:00 in the morning. Sleep never felt so good!



Above: The photographer who came last week had issues with getting enough power from the building's electrical system for his flash bulbs. He returned today with success!

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Above: After Elianna's photo shoot, I thought I would stroll outside and see what Ben was up to on the playground. Umm, those would be creepy crawly living bugs of various species that he is filling his bucket with. Ben also managed to get most of the kids on the playground running around with plastic shovels as spotters, indicating where the latest and greatest bugs could be collected. That's Ben.


Above: Some of Ben's classmates drawing on the chalkboard outside.


Above: Since we will be traveling tomorrow, I met with Gabi and Zoli tonight for our Bible study. Tonight, we studied about the first and second advent of Jesus. I am thankful for how these guys are growing in their knowledge of Jesus, and also in their faith in Him.

Tomorrow our family will be traveling quite a distance (by car and plane) to a conference for missionaries. We would appreciate your prayers for travel, and for a spiritually refreshing time at the conference.

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