Day 5


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Above: Today we held an optional worship service. We praise God for drawing many of the students to the service. I was privileged to share the gospel in my message. I was thankful for Dia and Csaba coming to me after service and telling me that it has caused them to think more about their response to Jesus' good news. Please pray for them!


Above: Daily visit from the family! Yesterday Kira giggled from the belly for the first time. Please continue to pray that Shraron would have strength and wisdom to care for our 3 children during this camp.

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Above: Let the games begin! We traveled downtown for a video scavenger hunt. It was an enjoyable time doing embarrassing things with our conversation group (like being wrapped to a pole with toilet paper).


Above: Can your team fit into the phone booth?

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Above L: Cathy and Andris announcing the winners to tonight's scavenger hunt. Above R: Some of the teenagers we hope to reach with the gospel in this camp.

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