Teen Conference


This past weekend, Allen and Miki took some teens from PetÅ‘fibánya to a teen conference in Miki’s home town of Debrecen (second largest city in Hungary). The teaching, preaching and worship at the conference was excellent. The gospel was clearly communicated and multiple opportunities were given for the hundreds of teens attending to put their faith in Jesus.


Above: Petfibánya teens, Niki and Dia.


Above: Allen and Hugi. Hugi helped us by chaperoning Niki and Dia. Hugi is a church member and because of a disability does not have a job. This allows Hugi to join us in many ministries like this conference and serve with us in our puppet ministry. Hugi also benefited from the encouraging and challenging messages this weekend.


Above: In Hungarian, when you hear someone yell, “Small apartment” you better run. I didn’t. You may be able to see me at the bottom of the pile up laughing and gasping for air.


Above: Miki, Gabi and Allen.

On the final day of the conference in a special worship service, the pastor asked those who would be participating in the Lord's Supper to stand. When Hugi saw teens Gabi and Zoli rise to their feet in unison with hundreds of other young followers of Jesus, she was overwhelmed with joy that God had given them the privilege to know Jesus as teens.

They teens that came with us who are not believers had a very positive experience and I believe many seeds of truth were planted in their hearts. The greatest encouragement came in our church service last night. After a time of worshiping God with song, I gave the church the opportunity to give thanks to the Lord. After a few members took turns praising Him, Niki spoke out in prayer saying, " Lord, thanks for the opportunity to go to Debrecen, to be around so many nice people, so many people that believe and trust in You. And thank you for leading me closer and closer to Your light."


P1400786.JPG P1400784.JPG

Above: Times of fellowship and prayer in our worship service.

As we were returning from the teen conference expecting to use our regular meeting place at the local community center, we received some bad news. The second floor of the building is being renovated and new finish was just put down on the floors which filled the building with dangerous fumes. Miki was kind enough to open his home for church in place of the community center. An hour later, we were gathered together to praise God.

We were thankful for returning guests, Kati (teenager Gabi’s mom) and Béla (teenager Dávid’s father). Also, Istvan and Marika who have been coming off and on to our marriage Bible study came with their four kids. Peti delivered a message about our tendency to fear rather than have faith in God who cares for us. This is a deep rooted problem in this culture with widespread pessimism and hopelessness. Hungarians often struggle with a fear that turns into faith that something negative is bound to happen. His message stirred the body to consider God as their Father and to take a stand against fear by putting their trust and hope in God who is able to provide an unseen solution.

"Cast your anxieties on Him because He cares for you"
1 Peter 5:7
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