Wednesday Orphanage Visit


P1840135.JPG P1840024.JPG

Above: Tonight we visited the orphanage in the neighboring town of LÅ‘rinci.



Above: We praise God for the warm weather that gave us the opportunity to do 'ice breakers' outside. We start off with games and group activities before getting into our Bible study. We saw that these games drew in a lot of kids who usually wonder off to be alone. We were thankful to see the 'harder' kids smiling and enjoying playing on teams.



Above: Gabi S. and Csaba hiding the numbers taped to their backs from the kids as we played Number War. I am very thankful for Gabi's desire to serve with us in this ministry.




Above: After game time, we transitioned into our Bible study. We talked about Jesus' authority to forgive sins, and our need to recognize Him as the Doctor who can heal us inside and out. I praise God for helping me lead the study in Hungarian tonight (I expected to do it in English with Gabi translating). I was thankful for the interaction in the study and for the understanding that the kids had after reading the Word. As I finished, I asked if any of them would be interested in having their own copy of God's Word. Five of the kids showed sincere interest and we gave them each their very own Bible. Please pray for them as I have challenged them to begin reading through the New Testament each night before they lay down to sleep. Pray that God would draw them to Himself and that His word would reveal to them His gracious plan of salvation.
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