Above: Beautiful sunset in Petőfibánya.

I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the work of your hands.— Psalm 143:5

We are full of praise to Jesus for His continued work in building His kingdom. As we look back at 2009, here are some highlights that bring encouragement to us in a new year of serving Him!


• Easter and Christmas puppet ministry, sowing seeds twice yearly to over 1000 kids in public schools.


• VBS summer ministry, reaching kids in Petőfibánya and surrounding villages. We saw more 'ownership' taken by the church in serving and members from the community donating to help us in this ministry. We had more success this year in seeing some of those who attended transitioning into our weekly meetings that followed (Teen ministry, English Bible and Sunday Worship Services)


• English Summer Camp led to many new students being drawn closer to God. Some returning students made decisions to put their faith in Jesus, while faith of others' was strengthened as they were encouraged once again by the testimonies and life of those that served with us.


• English Club/English Bible study provided a means to develop new relationships with the community and allowed us to go through an overview of Biblical truths from Genesis to Acts with four particular students.


• Friday Teen Outreach ministry gained momentum and has grown as those who attend spread the word. The teens are now joining us in singing worship songs which have Biblical truth and we are able to share various aspects of God's truth and the gospel with them each week.


• Women's prayer group initiated by PI teammate Brenda and turned over when she left for furlough. The women continue to meet an hour before worship service to encourage one another and pray.

• Two church members respond to discipline and correction after a time of willingly living in sin, opposed to Christ's Word. They are now both fully restored and growing in their faith.


• The consistent meeting of a discipleship Bible study group with a core group of church members. We have sought in the past to disciple members with limited success. This is the first year that a number of members have committed to attending and are growing in maturity in their faith in Jesus.


• New Pioneers team members Roger and Heidi (above) join full time and decide to serve long term with us. Their first child was born this year and they have been adjusting well to our team and their new home.


• Church member Eszti's husband Peti (above right helping in Puppet Ministry) turned from ignoring and ridiculing God to putting his faith in Jesus. He was baptized in October.


• Church member Dezső received confirmation from God of his calling into the pastorate. He is now attending an extension Bible school four year program. Two other men from our church, Peti and Gabi are attending this Bible school with Dezső. We praise God for his work in these men's lives.


• Church member Eszti (above purple) began attending training for children's ministry and has begun working side by side with us to be a future leader in our children's ministry. Eszti also gave her testimony in our teen ministry, no longer just attending, but participating in the ministry with us.


• Official reception of our congregation into the Hungarian Baptist Church providing legal standing and various means of networking support for our church planting efforts.


• Baptism of 15 year old Niki (teen pictured above) who was initially invited to church through her older brother Gabi (also saved in our small town) who is a first generation Christian in his family.

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• Church members beginning to take on more responsibility in ministry. This is the first time we have seen consistent participation in leadership development classes, in our teen ministry and in our worship group.


• Marriage class has continued to direct those on our core team to be attentive to their marriages and encouraged growth and healing.


• A precious team (above) that continues to serve in unity and love. I praise God for our ability to work through conflict when we have it and to always seek peace and unity with one another.

• God's continued provision of financial support in a terrible economic situation.


I continue spend a lot of time resting. Each day the pain lessens and I gain a bit more strength. I continue to suffer from what we currently believe to be GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). This could have been aggravated by the appendicitis and also the surgery. GERD causes me to have trouble breathing normally, nausea at times and is just a general annoyance. I am currently on medication for GERD and changing my diet to see if we can get it under control. After I am healed up from my appendectomy, I plan on getting follow up tests to solid up the suspicions of GERD. I would ask for your continued prayer for complete healing. I long for the day of feeling ‘normal’ again. Thanks for your prayers!
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