Hot Hot Hot!

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Above : A day in the sun, followed by relief in a cool bath! Kira feeling content in mom's arms after bath time.

Summer has been pretty 'brutal' here with temperatures remaining in the 90's. We have two fans running full time in the apartment, and the shades drawn, yet the heat persists! Thankfully, today the temperature dropped a bit, bringing some needed relief.

On Monday, were successful in turning in the remaining papers to obtain Kira's residency permit in Hungary. We were thankful for a smooth process, and a friendly worker in the office. We expected to have to turn in more papers, but it turned out to be easier than expected! Praise God.

Tomorrow, we will welcome a Pioneers short term 'EDGE' team to Petőfibánya as they continue traveling and serving in different regions in the country. They will stay in Petőfibánya until Sunday, helping with preparing crafts for an upcoming vacation Bible school, distributing gospel of John booklets and helping with 4th of July barbecue for our English students in Petőfibánya. Please pray that their time here would be encouraging and a blessing to the community!


Above: Last year's English Camp reaching out to over 50 students. Two teens from Petôfibánya, Dávid and Zoli were saved in last year's camp and return this year with a heart to serve!

One of the highlights of every summer is the English camp that we hold for students throughout Hungary. Many of you who read this blog already know that members from our home church in Delaware are making the final preparations to come to Hungary and serve with us in this camp. We are counting the days as camp begins July 12th! If you would like to begin praying even now for this camp, please go to for the latest camp news and prayer requests.

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