Countdown to Hungary—5 days


Above: Kira practicing her 'hair doo' for the 'staticky' seats on the long trip to Hungary.

We praise God for the various financial gifts that have been coming in for the past couple of days. Today, we were blessed by a friend who offered to give Sharon and I free eye exams. Various small groups have also made our last weeks in the US a special blessing as they have prayed for us and encouraged us to press on. We continue to work through the final details of organizing, packing and cleaning as we are scheduled to leave in just a few days.


Above: "You were my best friend. We will miss you Ben." Ben came home today from his last day of school in the US with some goodbye notes from various friends. I said to him, "Now you can look forward to new friends in Hungary." Ben replied, "Dad, not new friends, old friends." We praise God that both Ben and Elianna are looking forward to getting back to Hungary.

Ben also shared a story about a kid at school who forgot his lunch money. Ben said, "I decided to give him the extra money I had for dessert." We were bursting with joy that Ben acting in kindness and not selfishness.

In other news, our friends and Pioneer's teammates Tamara and Attila have given birth to their first child, Levi! But wait there's more! Our sister in law Tania has also given birth to a beautiful daughter TODAY. Our family hopes to drive to DC on Sunday to see Tania's and Sam's baby girl face to face before we return to Hungary.

Please continue to pray for us as we hope to raise additional monthly financial support and for one time gifts that would help us get to work setting up our house when we return. For more information on how to support us, click here.


csaba helping Gabi helping

hugi helping

kids helping janka helping

Above: Our friends from church in Hungary coming together to clean our house (as a surprise to us) before we return. What a blessing to have these special friends to greet us when we return!


Above: We look forward to worshipping together with our Hungarian brothers and sisters in Christ.
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