Puppets Wednesday


Above: We woke up to a cold frosty morning which coated the roads with ice. We praise God for protecting us as we traveled in two cars to the small town of Heréd.


Above: We arrive with about thirty minutes to set up our stage and prepare the puppets. God has blessed us and allowed all the set materials to work without any problems.





Above: The teachers and students from Heréd are a lively (in a good way) group. It’s fun to hear the kids in unison shout to the puppets in the show. In one scene, where a sister is not paying attention as her little brother wanders off into a dangerous place, the kids burst out, “Don’t forget your brother!”



Above: After the show, Erika was able to share about the importance of Jesus Christ coming into the world as our Savior. It is amazing that God has kept these doors open in the public schools over the past four years where we are freely able to read from the Bible and deliver the Gospel every Easter and Christmas.


Above: distributing the evangelistic CD’s and magazines for teachers and children after the show.



• Miki and Roger’s health are improving. Overall health of the team is great.
• Last night we were able to complete preparations for our drama for the teens which will be presented on Friday.
• Although the roads were hazardous, God gave us safety in traveling.
• Kids are paying attention and all set materials are working well.
• Team unity.

Prayer Requests:

Tomorrow after puppets, our team will be prepping for an English Club Party at our house. Please pray that the students not only to have a good time, but that God would open more opportunities for us to share our faith through this time. Pray also for our team to have the strength for preparations for the party.

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