Above: Thirty eight campers surrounded by volunteers from Hungary and the US.

Above: Cherry sharing the Gospel in morning reading hour on Thursday.

Historically, Thursday has been one of most challenging days at camp. This is the day we share personal testimonies, the gospel, and invite campers to make a decision. Having served in these camps for years, I can attest that we have consistently been bombarded with spiritual attack seeking to distract workers and campers from this special night.

This camp was no different. One translator woke with a migraine headache and tooth pain, another translator was struggling with a sore throat. One of the parents of a worker who would be sharing their testimony was scheduled for surgery on this day. In our morning meeting just before the kids were to go off to reading the Bible, a camper had a seizer.

Throughout the day from our reading time to conversation time we sought to clearly present the gospel. We were in great need of God's almighty hand guiding us, protecting us and bringing healing throughout the day. The whole week was designed to prepare campers for this day.

Above: As I mentioned in my last blog post, Nari (above) who was recently saved (and greatly influenced from our past camps) was planning an evangelistic drama to present Thursday night. Miki and Gabi, both from Petőfibánya had roles in this drama and were practicing with us. Gabi had stepped out to find some supplies and minutes later rushed back requesting Miki's help. Apparently a camper was struck just below the eye by a club on the mini golf course and needed emergency medical attention. Ironically, Gabi himself was rushed to the hospital a few years ago on gospel night with a head injury. These attacks, designed to distract, are like clockwork. Miki ended up taking the camper to the hospital and we were reminded to pray again and needed God's grace to regroup and continue practicing the evangelistic drama.

Above: Thankfully Gabi, although injured was able to complete camp.

God was gracious to have Miki and the injured camper back by the time the evening program began. The whole week we have been singing songs in English, but on this night, we sang in Hungarian. After one testimony and one song, it was clear that God's Spirit was bringing conviction to campers and touching many in the room. Some of the least expected were hunched over, not because of boredom and fatigue, but because they were uncontrollably weeping. These included Domi (my roommate), Vince (the brother of Bence who was saved a few years ago at camp) and Eszti who is from Petőfibánya and was saved last year.

Above: Zach sharing his testimony.

After the testimonies, the students were given the choice to either stay after if they wanted to know more about the decision to believe in Jesus or they could leave and participate in free-time activities.

Praise God that many chose to stay, some making first time decisions to put their faith in Christ and others renewing their commitments to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Vince (above red shirt far left) talked only a short time with staff because he was weeping. Vince said, "I understand everything and what I have to do." He prayed a short prayer and was really thankful for God's love. On Sunday, he attended worship service in the town of Vecsés where fellow Pioneers missionaries are planting a church. Vince gave testimony that last year he thought he made a decision to put his faith in Christ, but this year he is sure that he has surrendered his heart to Jesus and is looking forward to being part of the body in Vecsés.

Above: Domokos and Zach


Above: Domokos praying with Miki.

It seemed evident that from the second day of camp Domokos (my roommate) was being drawn to the Father. He formed a friendship with staff member Zach and commented on how kind he was as a man. On Thursday night, Domokos was overwhelmed after Zach's testimony and decided that night to put his faith in Jesus. Domokos attended church service in Vecsés (a first for him in this type of setting) and stood up to share how thankful he was for the camp. It turns out that initially he didn't want to attend, but his mother convinced him. It was very hard for Domokos to say good bye after worship service, seeming to leave and then coming back and being in tears. Please pray that Domokos finds a home in the church plant in Vecsés and matures in Christ.

Above: Adrienn, a first time camper who had been meeting regularly with Tahran, said on the first day, "I'm not into this Christian stuff." But on Thursday night, she listened intently to the gospel and went from not needing it to open to it. She shared that all of these things are new for her having never heard them before.

Tomi (above right) who initially heard about the camp through the church plant in Vecsés said he is very close to making a decision after Thursday night.

Above: Ádám (from Petőfibánya) was very quick in getting out of the room after the evening. Greg caught up with him and took a walk with him. Ádám said he hates these nights because it makes him cry and he doesn't want to cry. He has had a tough family background and doesn't understand how God can love him having not experienced love from his family. On the last day I said to Ádám, “Don’t be a stranger” as I was passing by. He caught up to me and said, “What do you mean?” I told him I remember years ago when we used to meet but then school and work and other commitments came into his life and he disappeared. We exchanged numbers and I hope that things will change.

Above: Praise God that Ádám came to worship service in Petőfibánya on Sunday. Afterwards, he told me, “It is nice to be here again.” Please pray for Ádám.


Above: Kitti talking with Jenny after Gospel night.

There are a number of campers with us that have family members working at this facility and live in Lakitelek or in the neighboring town of Kecskemény. Kitti's mother is actually one of the cooks at this location. Kitti was crying a lot throughout Thursday evening. She said that she has gone to church in the past, but this week was the first time she understands what the Bible is really about. She said she only believed in God as an idea. But she said, "You people here believe in Him as a Person!" She has exchanged contact information with staff and we ask you to pray for follow up.

Above: Zsófi and Kitti, both from Lakitelek.

Zsofi prayed with a staff member Thursday night but she needs prayer because it seems parts of the Gospel are still not clear to her.

Above: Zsoka is another local who's parents are members of the folk dance group that performed at our camp last week. Zsoka goes to a religious school and knew in the head, but not in the heart what we had been teaching. On Thursday night, in tears Zsoka put her faith in Jesus asking God to take what was broken and put it back together.


Above: Zoli was very ready to put his faith in Jesus Christ. He understood everything he needed to do and it was just a matter of getting together in prayer. Surrounded by others who were influenced by camp or saved in camp in the past, Zoli prayed for salvation in Jesus. Zoli ended up attending Vecsés' worship service on Sunday with his brother Laci (also a camper see photo below) and his mother who is a teacher in Vecsés' highschool. Kristin, who served at our camp, was able to talk to their mother and God opened up a door for her to share the Gospel. Zoli's mother said she doesn't believe in God, which is the same thing that Laci her son said at camp when he first attended in 2010. Laci at the end of that camp went from atheism to being open and ended up coming back this year with his brother Zoli. This family is very close and we ask you to pray for God to breakthrough every barrier of unbelief and to bring them all to salvation in Jesus.

Above: Zoli left of me and Laci his brother to the right.

Above: Levi and Gregg. Levi had been very tough the whole week and not interested in serious conversations. Levi came a few days late to camp and with disdain said, "I had no idea I was coming to a Bible camp." As soon as Thursday night was over, he was out the door. Throughout the week it seemed as if he was trying to sabotage all conversations and was causing distractions. God began to touch him through different workers like Gregg who reached out to Levi. Levi came home after Gospel Night and something changed in his heart. Levi opened up for the first time with Gabi (his roommate). He didn't understand why so many people were crying and asked, "Why didn't I cry?" He was so jaded from abuses in his family that he said he could no longer cry. He said it t was good to hear the people that spoke and the abuses that they have also gone through in life. We are thankful that God has begun a work in his heart. On the last day of camp, Levi's grandmother picked him up and was in tears saying, "It's a shame that there is nothing like this in our town. I haven't seen anything like it before."


Above: Eszti, from Petőfibanya, made a decision last year, but because of school, a tough study schedule and family expectations, she had little to no fellowship with other believers. Eszti was weeping and said, "I'm not the type of person that gets emotional." She shared that she accepted the truths of God's word last year in her head, but this year, she now believes in her heart. Brenda and I encouraged her to see the future as a time to refocus, establishing new ways to walk in fellowship with God and believers.

Above: Zsófi and Eszti, both from Petőfibánya

Zsófi, also from Petőfibánya shared that she had already decided to put her trust in Jesus on one of our summer hikes. Coming to camp reaffirmed her desire to follow Jesus. Like Eszti, Zsofi was not in fellowship with other believers after her decision. On Sunday, Zsofi and Eszti attended church and we look forward to meeting more often from now on for discipleship.

On the last night of camp, Nari was given the privilege to share her testimony to the campers around the campfire. Nari has the type of story that many of these kids can relate to. Family members who are alcoholics. No background in going to church or believing in God. An empty and hopeless life and a dependence on popularity, talents or worldly things to cope. Nari did a great job sharing and ended her testimony with the same verse that was in the evangelistic drama she had performed, John 3:16. Nari said, " I have One Friend who is always there and who loves me and this is God." Right after the applause began, there was applause from heaven as thunder was heard for the first time over the course of this 7 day camp. It was just another sign of God's approval of this testimony from Nari and His love for her through Jesus Christ.

As I consider these stories, it is evident that this camp was not just about campers getting saved but God reminding others of His love and stirring them to grow. It was also a place for young believers to give testimony to God's grace as they served Him with joy.

Unfortunately, many of these campers are going back to homes where there is a void of everything that we have displayed and taught this week. We ask you to pray by name for those I mentioned above and others who may not have verbally responded but who's hearts have been touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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